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Christopher Eddis
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I'm very disappointed to hear that you won't even offer a handshake. Buy a few bottles of Purell and suck it up for the fans, Wil. People are entertained by what you do. People wait in lines to see you live, to get a tiny personal memory of you. Some of your fans have been following you since TNG or even Stand By Me, and this may be the first opportunity to see you in person. People are bringing cash with the intent of buying things from you, to support what you do so we can continue to be entertained. I sincerely hope you change your stance. I'm still a fan of you and your work, but not nearly as much as I was yesterday.
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Wil, Don't get me wrong, its a great idea and design, but something about that D4 doesn't look right.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2010 on never forget your roots at WWdN: In Exile
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Jan 20, 2010