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Edgar Avila
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This is unacceptable, The more the government does to try to reduce population and mind control. Dont they have enough with chem trails,toxins in our food, depletion in minerals in our soil. Water being treated with fluoride, pharmaceutics,and toxins. Just attacking us in every way possible, were are no more than cattle and a game to them. We the people of this world need to take action against these monster governments, there genocidal. PEOPLE wake up take charge before you have no say on some part of your life, you have been raped since the day of your birth,violated with traumatic experiences done by a uni formal Nazi demonic system that cares less of you. save your home bring a better future to your family and end the FED. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND TELL THEM TO GET RID OF THIS MASS MURDER ON THE WORLD.
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Nov 26, 2011