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Ed Hardin
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Very interesting point of view, both from the author and those that read your post. In the area of personal development I completely agree that without applying the knowledge you have to change the thing(s) you feel need to improve, you have a very low if not non-existent chance of changing. As to your statement: "Remember, nobody's going to help you … except science..." I have to disagree, God, our Creator and Father of the Christ and the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, can and absolutely will help us to improve ourselves. The Bible is the original "self-help" book. All through it it links poor health and the effects that living with and by negative attitudes and behavior have on it. But it is not just physical health that it talks about but ultimately spiritual and mental health. It was refreshing to see the scientific data you included from the book as it demonstrated that the ideas and concepts taught in the Bible are scientifically supported. Not, mind you, that I need that to support my belief, but I know there are those in the world that discount the validity of the Bible. Have a great day and God Bless Guy
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Aug 5, 2011