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As a an overall system I nearly get excited about the Sony NEX's. There's no doubt that the 7n is an awesome camera but the lack of IBIS, the slightly clumsy or expensive lenses, the cost of the top of the range cams all conspire to make me less excited than I should be. However (and this is a big however) I haven't found a more enjoyable or cheaper way to shoot manual lenses in the digital world. Set up the cam right and you'll live in manual mode with quick shortcuts and without having to look at the ugly menus. Focus peaking makes all but the most precise manual focusing a breeze and shooting TLR style with the screen is a pleasure in all but the brightest of daylight. The real biggy for me is that you can pick up an NEX3 body for probably half what most people here have paid for their point and shoot (£150 in the UK if you're lucky). If you have a collection of manual lenses you can pick up an adaptor for £20 and then with that you're off! The sensor on the NEX3 may be old in today's terms but it's still good to great in the grand scheme of things. I've got very acceptable shots at iso 6400 from raw. The NEX3 is my carry round cam and it lives dangling from a lanyard off my shoulder and under my jacket. The lanyard is long enough to swing the camera out and shoot comfortably but short enough that I can brace it using the lanyard to keep the camera steady for low shutter speed shots. Mated with good lenses it's an awesome value combo and a whole load of fun to shoot manually.
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@Yanita... it's great in low light. Shutter noise is not amazingly quiet or cultured though but is not too intrusive (to my ears at least) nowhere near as nice as the K7d or a 5d etc though. Here's an example at iso 6400, some camera shake. Processed in Lightroom from raw, no other NR. Was lucky with how the light and the sensor interacted to be honest as normally I don't go above 4500 unless I have to but this one in particular looks pretty great to me. You can view full size on flickr here if you feel the need to pixel peep at the movement blur... lots of other examples at high iso as well.
Colours aside I love my K-x. It is a dream in low light and I now use it for roughly 80% of my paid work (I shoot weddings, events etc in the main) Was shooting a dinner on Wednesday and couldn't help but think that if someone had told me 3 years ago that I could get a camera of this size and price that could shoot ISO 4500 so very respectably I would not have believed them. A real winner of a camera IMHO and if Pentax would only start making a cheap autofocus 50m f/1.8 again I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone interested in natural light photography as a first camera. Mine is black BTW. I am ever so boring....
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Apr 30, 2010