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Edi Gonzalez
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I feel fortunate to have a fairly clear memory of that day, but it's for kind of a silly reason. It was my birthday and I was a little miffed that people were more interested in the tv* than they were in me. I clearly remember sitting on the floor with some cousins and watching it, although I didn't fully grasp the significance of it until much later. I'm thankful to have that connection to keep it clear in my mind as the years go by. *(The first color tv I'd ever seen, actually. My father had rented it for the day, for all the good it ended up doing us....)
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Thanks so much for explaining about the tshirts! I spent the whole episode trying in vain to read them. Also, amazing wonderful work on TBBT, and I love reading your tweets and your blog, too. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us.
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Apr 12, 2010