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Editor B
New Orleans
Born in Tulsa, raised in the suburbs of Indianapolis, a year in Sweden, 13 in Bloomington, living in New Orleans
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I'm enthralled to hear this. Many years ago a friend of mine unearthed an 8-track tape by "Leroy, Skillet & Lawanda" at a local thrift. I'd never seen an 8-track designated with an X-rating before. The routine called "Slack Jawed Leroy" was truly incredible, an encounter between a streetwalker and john, in rhymed couplets yet, with situations and audience reactions that made you wonder what they were actually doing on that stage. Wow. I've been looking for that one for years. I'd pay money for it. It was that good -- well, "good" isn't exactly the right word. But I think you know what I mean.