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Ed Murcko
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actually CavScout62 is correct. ted has never done drugs in his life. just because he never served doesnt mean he doesnt love this country, he does and he is a very friendly man. he will always give you the benefit of doubt until you proove him wrong. with all his money and fame he is still a down to earth friendly being. yes he hunts, he loves it. who doesnt that was brought up with it; other than me? tho i never went hunting w/ted i do have friends who have and they boast about his sportsmanship. BTW: i ended up disliking Clinton very much- the way he embarrased the office and as CIC; made me sick to my stomach. personally, i thought he should of resigned his post; there were an awful lot of military personel kicked out,brought back from retirement reduced in rank and pay etc.. during his tenure for the exact same thing he pulled but liied to the world about. IMHO i think the TEA BAG PARTY is trying to take us way to far to the right, as this President and some big mouths in our Govt. are trying to take us to far left near socialism. whats worse?
Toggle Commented Jul 28, 2011 on Ted Nugent Still Believes at Podcasts
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im not against law enforcement at all; this so called cop is a serious power hungry lowlife that needs to over-compensate for some short comming he has.given free reign i wouldnt be surprised if this kid could whoop his butt in a fare fight.
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Graphic video: Cop beats teen at Crime Scene
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i love these little papers, of course you have to keep in mind that these idividuals are only booked for the crime, not found guilty by a court of law (as of yet); but it does allow you to keep in touch w/real statistics in your area. this type of publication can help you in so many ways its remarkable. i detest rapest's and women beaters, not to mention dealers of hard drugs. this is all public information in one place for us "nosey" types
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Jun 14, 2011