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Edubble_u added a favorite at Logic+Emotion
Feb 25, 2013
Thanks David for organizing #OscarsRTM -- and thank you very much for your encouraging words of support in this post for our US Cellular newsroom effort. The advertising community is well known for being snarky, but I too was surprised and concerned with the intensity and lack of class displayed. As @bevjack mentioned, it takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate a real-time branded content event. And frankly it takes a lot of guts to be willing to push beyond the safety of typical advertising and venture into new territories. As with any venture there will be trial and learning as part of the process, and that is exactly what we are doing. I commend all of the brands that made a bold move to participate in The Oscars last night. JCP, Oreo, US Cellular, Special K, Clarks, etc all deserve HUGE kudos for their team's efforts. The irony is that all agencies, brands and snarky AdGeeks today TALK about doing real-time content ...but only a few are willing to stop talking and try. Thanks again David.
Excellent presentation, and thank you for sharing your VO for the slides. The question you are exploring (what is digital strategy) is definitely one that I am familiar with & I agree with the points that you have made. I think where agencies struggle most with regard to digital strategy/ planning is how it fits within the existing agency structure & roles (planning, creative, account, production, etc) and where the role fits within "the process" with respect to the other roles. In your opinion, is it a role that fits within the strategic planning department ...or creative ...or is it a group of its own that spans strategy+creative+analytics? I would love to know your thoughts on this since it is clear that you have done quite a bit of thinking about this topic. Thanks again for sharing your presentation. -- Eric
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Nov 29, 2011