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The ramifications of this arent just limited to academics as a career. The bubble has an effect on the students as well. As we churn out university degrees we diminish their value, much as the value of the high school diploma has been diminished. A bachelor's degree is the new diploma. Required for even menial secretarial jobs, or a position as a manager of your local Starbucks. The masters is the new bachelors degree, where salaries start showing some improvement, though this is being diluted with masters degrees in candy fields like business administration. From a teaching standpoint, the bubble contracting will cost teachers their jobs. From a scholastic standpoint, the bubble continues to grow, fueled by the internet. Degrees are easier and easier to get taking what was once a mark of success (a degree of success) is now simply a career necessity to illustrate how much bullshit you are capable of taking as an individual. Unless of course you study a discipline based in mathematics or physical sciences. Numbers and matter, it seems are the only things that are incorruptible.
The problem with a board game vs an MMORPG isnt the lack of a youthful mentality (to put it nicely). The problem is in the word massive. If we had a board game that allowed gameplay simultaneously by hundreds, or even thousands of people on the same field, and not one, but a group of them started creating their own interpretations of the rules, well, that would be chaos. Not to disparage chaos, it has its place. But once done an action cannot be undone. It will be done again, and again, and again...
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May 21, 2011