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The Problem with Tomato is it is no longer being updated. It is two years old and Software not keeping up with Hardware would soon be a problem. Router is such an important piece of the Internet and yet not a single company has invested enough to produce half a decent routers. My Buffalo Router would not work with Synlogy DNS or some other function. uPnP doesn't seems to work. 9/10 router i used would crash once every 3 months for no reason. UI would crash while the router still working, requiring you to restart the router. No option to auto restart the router at specific time to clean up states. QoS never worked much and requires too much user input. USB File Sharing is an half baked option. WAN Speed are never concern of those Company because 99.9% of them are from US and they do not realize there is a World outside which you get cheap internet faster then your WAN Port. Heck even the current economic crisis in Spain they could get 200Mbps Internet for affordable price. Hopefully with the latest Broadcom SoC based on ARM Cortex A9 software would be much easier to deal with compare to current MIPS solutions. And therefore better Router OS.
No mention of bbpress or Vanilla? Some of the cleanest form software currently out there.
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On Broad Chip will never be good due to the fundamental nature of interference. The best way to do is an external sound card. I think more and more traditional Hi-Fi manufacture are coming out with USB Audio Amp, Like this one here Yes this is going into Hi-Fi cataegrory, but it sounds a lot better.
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I think the problem is Jeff is speaking from a Professional view. For average joe, they simply dont have that much money. ( Of coz they have warranty, but in some places where mail order are not available, traveling to repair center would properly cost 40% of your SSD ) And people just dont appreciate how much we have advance for HDD in terms of mechanical perspective. That is why i think the latest Intel Turbo Cache on Z68 will finally make a difference. It requires a minimum of 20GB drive, so the features will actually guarantee to speed up your performance. Previous generation allows you to use as little as 2GB which isn't helping at all. If you think about it. Most of your frequently use files, minus your multimedia files aren't actually that much. Your frequent Windows 7 could fit within 3GB space. ( You dont need Help files, Drivers, backup files... etc ). Those will continue to live on HDD. With RAM being very cheap, putting 8GB of memory in, you could even disable Pagefile. I wouldn't recommend disabling it with less the 8GB just to be safe. And to all those who argue that Microsoft recommends you to have pagefile on, Microsoft actually have Pagefile OFF by default on their Windows Embedded PC version and some other versions. The rumors point to Intel selling this "Larson Creek" 20GB SLC Cache for only $5x. This should give you 90% of SSD performance for relatively cheap price. And You dont have to worry about your SSD dying because all of your Data will still be intact on your HDD.
Please tell us what was the cause of server problems. It is causing us headache when you only tell us half the story.
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It kind of Depends how you Define "Memory" doesn't it? We dream of one day a type of Memory that would unify all, speed of RAM, Capacity of SSD. And With Muti Core, We are hitting the "wall" for Memory Bandwidth, not Memory Capacity.
Let's put up with a few facts, 1. More Storage SSD != faster. While the two are related they are non in linear relationship. Generally more storage means you have more free space so SSD does less GC and can copy faster. Read is all the same. The other reason is more storage means a HIGHER chance of reading from Multi Channel. Which translate to higher performance. However a 256GB with 10 channel is going to be as fast as 512GB with 10 Channel. 2. The hybrid drive isn't that fast. I dont even call it close to SSD. You ahev 4GB of SSD space that is being file optimized by seagate firmware. If you have to spend $99 on a 320GB Hybrid Drive. I would recommend spending 40GB on a proper SSD and just use NAS for any storage. 3. The Crucial is a SATA 3.0 6Gbps drive. It is slow at Random 4K Read Write ( An important factor in day to day uses. ) And there are also high failure rate ( Go Google it ) 4. Wait for Intel G3 SSD and Sandforce 2 coming out in few months time.
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To be fair, it is more like shipping faster then they are actually very fast at developing. Chrome uses Webkit, Andriod uses Linux, both took YEARS before they get mature to a state that is used by Google. of coz google did a fair bit in JS engine V8. But it is nothing compare to a gigantic work of Webkit.
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