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Thanks for the mention, Ross. I do get work as an indirect result of Twitter, though I think it is only part of the reason. I often link to other content, some of which I have generated in other places like my blogs where I talk in much more depth than 140 characters allows, and about subjects where people are looking for advice or support. Yes, I do undertake some work as a social media consultant, but the commissions usually arise because people know I have 20+ years experience in PR and marketing so know how to integrate 'new media' alongside the changing demands of 'old media'. Or they recognise that I have unique insights into a particular technology field (SaaS-based collaboration systems - it's a small niche, but it's my niche!) where I have been working, blogging, lecturing and consulting since 2005. Twitter, therefore, is an enabler, and I think it can do the same for many other knowledge workers, helping them initiate conversations with people who are looking for help, advice, hints and tips. Simply "Being useful" is the key maybe.
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I wanted to contribute, Daryl, but I couldn't (your survey didn't seem to allow for my particular challenge). Let me explain.... My clients work mainly in the construction sector, and - as you may know - the government (central and local) is the construction industry's biggest single source of clients, providing about 40% of the industry's workload. While I no longer work directly for any public sector clients, the public sector spending cuts are likely to have an impact on my construction industry clients - and I fear there will then be a corresponding knock-on impact on specialist PR consultancies such as mine.
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Aug 22, 2010