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Efrit Freeq
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I've done that trans-Pacific trip more than two dozen times (and never once as close as to or from LA - it's always been 'get to LA then spend another 5-9 hours sitting in airports and flying around the US'). My advice for the Pacific leg is 'work on destination-time from before you get on the plane, and try to get as much sleep as you can - you're going to need it to deal with the jet lag'. Best of luck and I hope your trip is a fun one - Efrique
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I see many, many Catholics still rationalizing the reprehensible behaviour of the church in general, and most obviously the Pope (not just his reprehensible behaviour in the past, but his ongoing moral bankruptcy...) I think the question that must be put to them is this: What would it take? What, in fact, could the church *do* that would make you say "Enough!". Name what it would take, or admit that there is nothing that they could do that would make you leave.
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May 19, 2010