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Site traffic can be used for a "next season" though YT views & likes are currently the norm. It also helps with ads and sponsors.
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So, I went from this buddy cop show, to clicking on a related video called Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, to a bunch of shows that Sid and Marty Krofft made: Wow.
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on If Robocop was a bad 80s sit-com at WWdN: In Exile
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Yeah, Felicia had some free time last year right before the Whedon/Abrams panel so we went out and about outside the Con. Some were very gracious, while others placed themselves between her and our destinations. I was there and did not mind being the a-hole that pulled her away, otherwise, who knows what could have happened. Unfortunately, you really need some sort of buddy system, being in the public eye as you are, when at these things.
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Jul 25, 2011
Winona Ryder called, she wants her shoplifting back!
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Snow White reboot... without Joss Whedon.
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Wheaton Taxidermy in Wheaton, IL now has more than action squirrels... BUY YOURS NOW!
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Gargamel Audition #14. Scene - Gargamel finally captures the Smurfs. (WIl should have totally played G)
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Sadly, Wil died of a Smurf Overdose soon after this picture was taken...
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You have one of my favorite quotes in episode 2, and is the reason why the link to e2 is
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I am astounded that she could sell so many books, I wonder how many of them were serious buys and how many were joke gifts/people that are against her that read it for the train wreck they think it will be. If she gets William Shatner to voice her second book's audiobook, she'll definitely sell more of those due to Shatner's tweet readings on Conan O'Brien's show. As for book names, go with a Tina Fey reference... Going Fey, or Hunting Liz Lemon etc...
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2010 on New Sarah Palin book at Printers Row
Happy Anniv, Brian! Here's to many more!
I saw the Colbert show with Alexie. He seems to me like he's a shock jock... he will say the craziest things and get reactions from people. It does make me want to read his books, so I guess it works.
Rick Kogan sums up why I love Chicago nicely. Its filled with life.
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2009 on Rick Kogan on Chicago: video at Printers Row
I swear I read about this from here already... does it mean its finally out?
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2009 on Twitterature: The Twitter Boys at Printers Row
This is perfect! I've personally had issues with these "best of" lists because I always wondered why some were on the list while others weren't. I mean, I am not much of a reader, but I aspire to, so lists are really all I have to go on, but I think i'd prefer reading some underrated books. I joined Good Reads to try and find different types of books that other like-minded people have read, this has been my substitute from these questionable book lists.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on Underrated books of 2009 at Printers Row
@Zombie_Joe you're entitled to go and buy your version of the classic. They are still being made. They won't be replaced any time soon, by no means. Having these books made are for a completely different audience. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is an excellent example of taking a classic and changing it up. Sure you're not interested in these books, but why keep them from others that may want to experience them? "Hardcore" readers can just as easily choose to read the original.
I still don't think that people see the point... the HarperTeen classics series are meant for those that actually want to read these books but really can't follow the originals. The originals still exist, and yes, I do believe that schools should teach from those, but I think these students need the opportunity to choose to read these version because they will be able to comprehend the stories much better. Maybe read them side by side, but I don't see them as being "dumbed down" when they same content is presented to them. No one complains about "dumbing down" the Bible.
I've totally read these sorts of stories in the past. I mean, specifically, zombie apocalypse-y and non-heroic-y. Some are hit some are miss. Look forward for another hit, obviously. Now... lets talk. Web series using the L4D format. Group of survivors trying to get out. Not dragged out over multiple seasons either... probably some sort of conclusion by the end of the season, although I have an idea what S2 and S3 already look like... ;)
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Shamu died?!??!? I am devastated! Sure, this signature thing is a serious issue that more cashiers need to be aware of, but come on! National treasure, Shamu, is a sham? Shamu the sham! Please don't tell me about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny... or Wil Wheaton.
Hello Wil. As part of this Guild character, you are now forced to [not really] make a few random appearances on the community site: or not... Either way, welcome! :P
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2009 on Axis of Anarchy RULES! at WWdN: In Exile
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Next time, go for (via @wilw)
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I wholeheartedly agree. I tend to tip no less than 20% of the price of the food. Definitely ignore the discounted price. I'm also a firm believer that these hard-working individuals do their best to get everything right, they obviously want return customers to ensure their livelihoods and so deserve the benefit of the doubt should something go awry. Lastly, I try to make my server's experience a better one than what it was before I arrived. I "perform" for them and try to entertain and make them laugh. I enjoy making sure they are as fulfilled as I am after the meal. Karma.
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2009 on The Deal on Tips at Gals' Guide
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NOOOOOOO!!!! FASA going under was horrible... Battletech was an awesome table top... then WizKids took it over and even revamped it... I didn't get to try out the new version but this news is a sad one... Damn you recession, I want to find you and punch you in the nads...
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2008 on RIP WizKids Games at WWdN: In Exile
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Please have people click on the following for some wonderful comedic acting... "Mooshy Shorts" I believe is the spelling.
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