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E. James (Jim) Brennan
Bellingham, WA
total rewards expert
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Bad things used to happen to “rate-busters” paid under piecework plans back in The Day. What kind of message was sent to those who collected bonuses here, I wonder?
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Wonder if teachers whose students improved in the second and third years changed their behaviors in response to hostility from the teachers who did NOT earn bonuses? When a fairly consistent improvement suddenly ceases, something changed. Besides, as I observed in my article on merit pay for teachers (, there are a LOT of variables in play. "Teaching the test" is only one technique for learning and pay for student test results rewards those who get the best test-takers, not necessarily the "best" teachers.
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Which word? I rarely constrain myself to merely one, to the despair of my readers/listeners. "All rewards don't jingle?" "It's rude to brag about cash?" What was the context or the implication?
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May 26, 2010