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My understanding was that Klinsmann had demanded way deeper changes than that. Like complete, utter overhaul of the very concepts of how US youth is run. Edit: grammar fail.
Do we all want Klinsmann at the same level if he does NOT get to revamp the youth system?
USA was a mess in its own third, really disorganized. In the second half there was quite a bit of the typical youth tendency to try to do too much on your own. On a couple instances a pass rather than "one more dribble" probably would have let them get a goal or two back. Edit: To be fair, the German GK and defense played well.
"I've spent most of my life explaining to a lot of people of BOTH parites that soccer is not anti-American, it is not communist, and it's not a hippy sport." But I only started watching soccer cause I thought it was communist ;-)
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If I'm reading this correctly: ...They have to release him for the competition, but it doesn't seem to say anything about the training camp at all. Loophole? Or I'm just missing something...?
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on Davies blasts FC Sochaux president at Soccer By Ives
The stadium and game were great. There are a lot of issues still to be worked out, from bad traffic and that one(!!?!?!) entrance to the Path station to concessions stand employees needing to be about 100X faster. But all of that is fixable and the Port Authority Police actually did a pretty decent job with what they had to work with. Looking forward to the season. Now if we can just get Red Bull to design better looking jerseys...
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