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1)Make sure the students today in grade six and under know how to read at the six grade level before they leave the sixth grade. 2)No need to recreate the wheel, find the two best models of successful K -12 teaching methodology and implement the models nationally in at-risk school systems. Frederick Douglass Academy is one of them. I am also a proponent of one gender schools like Englewood Academy in Chicago which has 100% of its graduates going to college this fall. 3)Students who drop out are likely not to return to school. There is little incentive to do so, if you are bussed to a remote location, requiring you to get up early in the morning, pass by people who ridicule or bully you for going, have no chance or opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities because your bus leaves right after school and you have no transportation home, and/or you have to pay to play. Parents are disconnected from interaction because by the time they get home from work, if they have the transportation are too tired to attend school/teacher meetings. Solutions: Either provide incentive to learn programs specifically for dropouts from age 14 - 20. Either a day school with highly integrated programming of technology, sports, craftbuilding (woodcraft,plumbing, etc),culinary arts, music, film, visual arts -- with a caveat that in order to participate in all those wonderful programs, you must maintain a grade average of B- or greater and must voluntarily participate in tutoring support for any classes needed. The curriculum goes back to the basics of full academic, which includes math, science, history - General, world and multiracial, English - business English as a language and one foreign language and literary English, art appreciation (correlation between art and other disciplines of learning). AND All students get their books provided on Kindles versus regular books. An ergonomic, green solution to providing up-to-date textbooks to everyone, along with removing the stigma of carrying books home through the neighborhood. THE other solution is to consider piloting a closed campus school for high risk dropouts where they live on campus with the same curriculum as identified above, but classes are year round and they are accelerated to graduate in two years versus four. Pretesting helps determine their curriculum paths and counseling is an ongoing must. Contact me, I have more ideas.
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Mar 16, 2010