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how do you see that happening? kg and ray are old aging stars. theyre not done in the league, but i would say at this stage both are best suited coming off the bench. why would a team give up young talent, which is surely what we'll be asking for, for a rental of bench players?
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why would pierce stick around if the celts trade kg and allen? hes at the tail end of his career, he wants rings. trading kg and allen is basically forcing out pierce as well, unless we somehow miraculously improve our team by trading two, past their prime aging players. i bet ainge sticks with this team until the beginning of march, if their record is well under .500, then he blows it up.
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Wonder if Danny will try to get both Paul and West for Rondo/J Oneal/Rookie/Pick. Talk about a huge deal, is it possible financially?
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"As WEEI's John Dennis tweeted tonight, Rondo's performance wasn't quite the level of Schilling's bloody sock, but it was close." this is crap, you cant compare the two. and imo, rondos performance was on the same level, if not more impressive. too bad this city loves their red sox more than their celtics. give the kid his credit.
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going to my first red sox game in 10 years tonight, since i moved out to so cal. i'll make sure to make out with my own reflection if i see it.
beckett was masterful. of course with him, consistency is key.
the talent on this roster is just too great to fail. baseball is like any other sport, players go through streaks, whether it be good or bad. currently the ENTIRE team is on a bad streak. it'll only be a matter of time before some if not all of the players begin to breakout.
she sure knows how to handle a load
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more like rondo putting up 20/10. guarantee you we're undefeated when he puts up that number.
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people forget how attached us fans can get to the team and players too. its true that the coaches and players know each other a lot better than we do, but at the same time we watch every game, follow every pre and post conference, track them constantly, and literally succeed and fail with them. in a way, perk was part of our family too. i cant wait for him to come back to boston, i know everyone will give him a monster standing ovation.
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im really liking chris johnsons game. the kid had 3 blocks in like a 30 sec span. someone like him could really flourish with rondo lobbing him alley oops.
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hey at least you know youre doing something right with your site. trolls = successful site.
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12 pts, 22 ast, 10 reb, 6 stl, 1 blk: someone needs to make a bumber sticker of this.
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this is awesome, although i got into trouble for laughing in class.
too late for the duckboats, theyre already making test runs in preparation for the red sox.
thats my bad i guess i should have specified, i meant adrian gonzalez. crawford's an awesome player but clearly agon is the talent to have on this team. i wonder if his price has been driven up now because of crawford's contract. tedsarmy answered my question with their piece today. guess we gotta wait and see.
with all the lefties on our squad, imagine how desperate the yankees are gonna be to get lee. regardless of the lineup we field, this team is very dominant both offensively and defensively. all we need are a few bullpen arms and this team will compete for years to come. how do you think crawford's contract will affect the money adrian gets?
great job reporting this guys. i know tedsarmy isnt as popular as redsarmy yet, but im glad that you guys are still keeping up with the latest red sox news. any chance of a patsarmy in the future?
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Dec 5, 2010