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Jake Ekiss
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I'm a big fan of Invincible myself, as well as most of the Kirkman universe books. They are a beautiful, mostly self contained universe of interconnected characters and stories filled with a lot of humor, action and drama. You also can't go wrong with a smattering of pulp inspired books. Atomic Robo (hilarious), Hellboy/ B.P.R.D. all great. I'm just getting into Sixth Gun and I think I may start grabbing Scalped as well. I'm sad, comic sales are lower than they've been in a very long time, but really, there are some fantastic books out there, even (and I might say especially) outside the big 2. I've been posting a "comics for non-comic people" blog every week to try to entice my friends to take up the hobby, and I've gotten some nice feedback. Always good to hear somebody else geek out about the hobby. I take it you picked up Thor: mighty Avenger yeah? My opinion, most fun Thor book I've read in almost a decade.
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I love the story Wil, and I completely know what it's like to look at old work and cringe (doing comic books, I can't look back more than 6 months without wanting to kick myself). On that note, since you voiced Blue Beetle in Brave and the Bold I've had this image stuck in my head, finally got time this weekend to lay it down. Thought you might dig: Based on some reference of you and NPH. I think the two of you would KILL as Booster and Beetle. My sides would buckle from laughter.
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Nov 25, 2009