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The upside is that once you enable this, your email becomes extremely secure, to the point that you can (and I regularly do) email yourself highly sensitive data like passwords and logins to other sites you visit so you can easily retrieve them later. Jeff, emailing yourself sensitive data like this can eventually come back to bite you. I know someone who was using a purely in-house email arraingment, PGP and everything. His account info was still compromised because... someone looked over his shoulder and watched him type his password. Bottom line, any electronic communication can be compromised without encryption. And I second secretGeek's recommendation to disable IMAP and POP since a bot can easily spend days on end trying to brute force a login. BTW... You can remember passwords better by using a mnemonic instead of the password itself. I.E. Some obscure nusery rhyme (I use Sri Lankan ones unheard in the West) or some memorable phrase a family member said can be turned into a great password if you take the first letter of each word and tack on its position in the alphabet I.E. A = 1 B = 2... and so on. You can turn This little piggy went to market into : tlpwtm201216232013 Add some punctuation here and there and you're set.
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This is *so* my cousin! She had driven me nuts for as long as I can remember with this and I had to keep reminding her, "... are you asking me? See that was a question." And the sad thing is that she's pretty smart, but no one outside the family notices because of the way she talks. It's true sexism is still alive and well in the corporate world and this kind of speech only adds to the stereotypes. As if women needed any help being underestimated.
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Aug 16, 2011