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Mr. Sosa is a public figure as founder and chair of UC, an organization that has been in controversy itself over another founder's alleged misdeeds. He is a "gay activist" whatever he does, just as a former mayor or police captain might be identified as such, even when they are talking about a neighborhood holiday celebration or a football game. Luther Campbell has not performed in years, however as a mayoral candidate, he is identified as a former rapper because that is his "claim to fame" (public figure beginning) even though he has also been an inner city activist, business owner and writer. This is journalism 101, people. We identify the person in the story by what most of our readers may know them for, then other things that may be relevant. I am sure that if Sarah Palin is interviewed about a kitten stuck in a tree on her block, she would not be identified solely as neighbor and mother. Even if the story has nothing to do with politics. And, while it may not be readily or easily perceiveable, this one might become political. So it's even more relevant. In fact, it would not be fair to not identify him as a gay activist if, indeed, there are already tensions between the two communities. Irrelevant? Maybe not. And who gets to decide that? Mr. Sosa? I would prefer as a reader to have all the information and decide myself.
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Jun 2, 2011