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Usually, I AM the rule lawyer in all of my groups, because I'm always the that introduced the game to the Players/Storytellers... But this story, my friends, is set in a time I was only a young geekling, in my first game of AD&D 2nd ed, with my first character, Elfteiroh (see my nick to learn how much this character means to me). I was in battle against a skeleton, and he slashed me with a rusted sword. He damaged me a little, nothing too threatening... until I realized something. I then stupidly asked to the MD: "Shouldn't I catch tetanus?" ... The MD answer: "Oh! Yeah..." followed by the sound of dices rolling. The sound of these dices rolling... It was the must agonizing time I ever had while gaming... Luckily I didn't catch it. But it was my first foray on the path of the rule lawyer (and the first head-banging that usually came with my rule-centric comments). I still don't know why I still become one with a first experience like this. I must stress that, beside the fact that my "book-diving" habit can often drag and slow the game down, I'm not a sucker about it, and usually just look out for the rule while the others continue to play, for the bragging right. ;)
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Jun 21, 2010