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Elise Smith-Dewey
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Heidi, I love the little Santa charm--so cute! Way to get that chevron in there like Mossini---wink, wink! Christmas kinda stresses me out, too since I'm the one who ends up decorating and three short fast weeks later ends up taking it all down. My girls are older now--17 and 20 and college girl is studying in Sweden this semester--so no real decorating this year--no tree--just some lighted garland over the doorway with my favorite glass balls on it--perfect since I see if from every room almost. I love to bake and so a whole or as much of a day as I can grab to bake Christmas cookies is my de-stress technique. Even if noone really eats my cookies that is okay it is all about the baking and not about the eating--of course I eat a few and try to give some away. Every year I want to do a cookie swap but that only happened 1 year because those available dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so few--maybe I should do it before Thanksgiving next time. Love your blog and your new designs with Jessica--bought it all, of course---already have the largest supply of scrapbook supplies now I'm trying for the largest supply of digital products--tee hee. Have a great Christmas Heidi and I can't wait for 2012 for your new endeavor! Love ya, Elise in MN
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Dec 6, 2011