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Never give a government job to a master at Medicare Fraud. It isn't good business. The Florida Chamber of Commerce doesn't understand that Rick Scott has schemed to defraud the United States Government at Columbia/HCA and at Solantic. Isn't about time we stop endorsing this egotistical lying criminal and put him away in a home where his cell mate is Bubba.
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Rick Scott says he will spend as much as it takes to buy this election. Why didn't he go to jail after defrauding Medicare out of 1.7 billion while at Columbia/HCA. Some say he knew to much. Others served jail terms. Why does he lie about everything? He is an empty headed, drab, uninspiring and guilty spineless jerk. His current clinics at Solantic will go under unless he becomes President and overturns Health Care Reform because he doesn't want better care for people. He wants your money. From what I am told Solantic makes its money by having people buy unnecessary medicine. Isn't that a crime. Rick Scott wants us in his clinics so we can get marginal, dangerous, and appalling health care.
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Rick Scott should stay with what he does best. This greedy rich idiot can ruthlessly cut costs at his hospitals and give such bad service that babies die from neglect. He has mastered a way to make money by having doctors get paid by the patient and by expecting them to see 50 a day. Nurses are to see 70 patients a day. Nurses are so overworked that they have missed alarms and babies did die. Tell Rick Scott to learn how to run a business before he gets near politics. We don't need another idiot in office.
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Sep 3, 2010