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Colchester, UK
Interests: opera, listening to music, blogging., reading, writing, going to the proms in the summer
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I recently bought a couple of out of print Golden Age mysteries from India and also from Australia and they arrived promptly so I am sure your Qm should be fine. I think it is a wonderful biography and cannot imagine that anyone could improve on it though I know there have been others on her. One of which was so poor I am not going to mention it!
The L.M. Montgomery Reader: Benjamin Lefebvre They are now shown as £35 and appear to be out of stock so I must have got the last ones in stock Check out Abe books they have some and much cheaper! Alibris also have them but at a much higher price which seems crazy to me I am not fond of Graeme Swann at all and find him a profoundly irritating cricket commentator but I found myself rather enjoying his performance on Saturday. mark you he has the wonderful Oti!
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I am sitting here looking out my window and it is a glorious day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, there is a nip in the air and my energy levels, which I find dip alarmingly in the... Continue reading
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one of the best rotal biographies in my opinion. I have read the Cadbury book on Queen Victoria and thoroughly enjoyed it. The more I read about QV the more I like her! I do hope the library can get hold of a copy for you
I have just received it and looking forward to reading it
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A few weeks ago I reviewed In search of Queen Mary, a collection of notes and interviews carried out by James Pope-Hennessy when researching his biography of the Queen. I found them entertaining and interesting, gossipy and insightful with amusing... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Random Jottings
It took me a little while to get into the Camilleri books but now I absolutely love them and all the characters. And the description of food!! I have been a life long library lover and joined the junior library as a child and have had a library card ever since
Thank you Theresa for your kind words. I use the library all the time. I was there this morning and found another three books on the shelves I wanted to read. I do get sent a lot of books and buy others but there are always loads more to get and the library is the obvious place. Luckily the libraries in Essex seem to be thriving. Do let me know which ones you tried and what you thought
I agree with you about Livia - in the latest tv series she is played by a different actress and they have softened her character somewhat. I have just started reading this one and I just wallow in the surroundings and the characters. I gather if you go to Sicily you can go on a Montalbano tour!
I think you will enjoy the Rimington books. I think there are seven or eight so far. I liked Martin's Lake District series but not some of his others. THis one is starting promisingly. I love his non fiction writing though. Five copies of a Christmas Carol - I lied. It is only four. I remember that Florence wanted to read it last year and I gave her my edition that had wonderful illustrations by Quintin Blake. I have multiple copies of some books, mainly Jane Austen or Dickens
I am reading it at the moment. I do like them. They meander gently and have a lovely feel about them
A nice pile of books this week and also a few from the library to read. People are always surprised when they discover I go to the library and borrow books. 'But surely you have enough at home?' You can... Continue reading
Posted Sep 10, 2018 at Random Jottings
yep all ok now. Just had a meltdown as I thought enough! I have just returned from London after a few days with my girls and that sorted me out. Fingers crossed that nothing else happens
Erika I am truly touched that you even thought of letting me have your copy and glad you do not have to worry about your good and bad self!
Well I decided I had to write about it and only way to deal with it was to try to find humour in it all. I can now but not in the middle of it. My neighbours were wonderful.
I just plonked on the floor and bawled. When you live on your own you have to cooe with everything and I do. But I Had Had Enough. Felt very wobbly afterwards. I am now sitting here chatting with my girls while they build with Lego and it is all relaxed and chilled. They will start to fight soon I expect so enjoying it while it lasts! Just food to be with them
Gawd, it sounds as bad as my week! Ans they always seem to happen one after the other as well. Glad you are enjoying your dishwasher
Ooh I love that I have a waspish exterior! I look after their cats while away, take in parcels etc and they look after my flat when I am away. They suffered a berdavement recently so helped as much as I could. It works both ways and I am very lucky to have them
I know. I just thought FFS and then burst into tears.
I have spent money making the flat age proof Gilliein order cor me to stay here as long as I can. My neighbours have also said Elaine never move so here I stay. We keep an eye on each other’s flat while away, look afte cats etc and a myriad of other things and we also respect our privacy. I could,not wish for better
Off to London this morning. Yes my neighbours are lovely and I am grateful to have them there
I make no apologies!
My daughter phone later as she was worried about me which cheered me up but Wot a Day! Off early tomorrow
I really felt the fates had got it in for me this week I really do. I just had a xomplete meltdown. Licing on oneks own you have to deal with things and I do, but on this occasion I had just had enough
In my previous post you will have seen a mention of a fraught week which was redeemed from direness by the visit to the British Library. Today it finished off in style. BUT to start at the very beginning -... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2018 at Random Jottings