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Paddy Long's in Chicago. Tried to go for the England match, but they were absolutely packed, so I'm getting there super early tomorrow.
Was it Bradleys sexiness that gave the Slovenian no choice but to dry-hump him in the box? Infringement indeed.
My post was a joke, but you have a good point. Edu just barely touches (read: touch, not grab) the Slovenian defender (most likely to just get a read on his path) before going in to slot home the (non) goal. Right after that, this Slovenian defender goes in for a sliding tackle to try and stop the play. He did not take a dive, but was trying to make a defensive play. My theory then is that the ref saw Edu touch the defender, who then went to the ground to stop the play, he believed that Edu brought him to ground. This is the only thing, to me at least, that makes even a tiny bit of sense - although still an awful call and we are now in a much tougher position than is warranted. All of the bear-hugs were clear fouls (especially the one on Bradley - good lord!) and could have easily been called for penalties. Instead he sees the love-tap and thinks that the Slovenian went to ground because of it. Or was it Gomezs fall? Or this is just a new kind of soccer-terrorism that will be perpetrated against all democratic countries. Mali- consider yourselves invaded.
After watching the replay of USA-Slovenia it became very clear to me that Edu committed the foul. We all know that FIFA does not allow Americans to score game-winning goals. Sheesh people. And you call yourselves soccer fans?
Never thought I would say this, but "put 'er there Mexico, put 'er there." Your cheap food in my neighborhood still gives me nausea though. Should work on that post-WC.
Ugh. I work about 2 blocks away from here and would love to sneak away for an early pint. I'll listen for your cheers while at my lonely desk, fixated on ESPN3 while I frighten my co-workers with animal noises.
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Jun 17, 2010