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It's not camp if the kid isn't at least an hour drive away! I went to a one-week camp that was three hours from home, and my parents didn't even drive me; I went by camp bus. So no performance for the parents nonsense. We did skits the last night for each other, that mostly focused on grossout jokes or bad dance routines. And puns. The parents were not involved except in sending us letters and money. Henry may be a little young for that, but someday....
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2010 on In which I complain about summer camp. at finslippy
Lots of women are differently sized, which is why I have always thought bands and cups should be detachable and sold separately. Seriously, how awesome would that be?? I need medium cups but a giant band, no underwire, and it is just not easy to find that combination. And the lady who "fitted" me at one place totally tried to sell me one that cut me in half. See, if I can't breathe? Not a fit!