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Hi Wil, I am a bit late here, but thank you for telling us about this experience. I am glad that it confirms what I have always thought about the 'celebrity experience'. I hope you don't mind me telling you now what these things look like from my (the fan) side? I have only attended one con so far (FedCon this year), but I am a frequent concert attendee, and I love the thrill of having a quick chat with the band afterwards, if I can. However, I always respect bandmember's space and possible lack of interest in me, which means I sometimes lose out on my chance because other people are much, much pushier. This saddens me, but is unavoidable. Sometimes, however, my politeness is rewarded. Last year I saw a musician who came out after the gig and was immediately overwhelmed by 50+ fans, almost all girls, who wanted photos and signatures. He's very nice, so he gave it to them, which took at least 45 minutes. I watched from some distance. As I had met him twice before, I could tell he was extremely uncomfortable, literally being backed into a corner. Then, when the girls were all satisfied and most had left, I was still there, at a couple yards distance. As he looked at me, I smiled and waved, feeling he might need some space to breathe after all that. However, he walked up to me and gave me a quick hug. Booyah! And that's how the shy, awkward girl finally, after 20 years, triumphed over the long-haired, popular girls! -Emmi
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Jul 10, 2011