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I agree with Troy, stabilization would be needed. I think you'd have to be careful about lighting situations. I don't know your mobile cam specs, but ISO might be an issue. Sound was good. I think testing it out in a crowd setting might be prudent. Overall, I love the idea. I think it would be great way to generate interest in events. It would also give participants a new way to interact at events. Can't go behind the scenes or get a seat at an event? Well, you can log into the live stream for access. The ability to notifying people about sudden live streaming through an alert app would be great. I was lucky enough to catch you because I happened to be on G+ at that moment. To allow the streamer to generate an audience on short notice, and not limit them to predetermined times, would be invaluable. If nothing like that exists, I'd find a web developer who might take on the project for free. GL!
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Dec 1, 2011