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Em Singh
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Exactly.. Its one thing to be free-range in the country or a small town vs a crowded city where no one knows anyone and the internet gets perverts and all kinds of human dirt the little push they need to go out and hurt someone. And then good luck tracking them down! Every year there is a news story of a girl or boy who where in captivity for YEARS and where just a block or so away from their own parents. In a world that has become so "connected" we have become disconnected with our own neighborhoods. I'll let my kid be as free range as they wanna be.. in my back yard and around people I know first-hand. You just can't chance it, well you can but I could not live with myself if something happened.
lol!! Just wait till she asks you... she will. Now I can tell my husband about something to watch out for... a poo poo.. hee hee!
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Jan 11, 2012