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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
**Editorial debt** accumulates when the passage of time makes a document less true, to the point where the written word has to be edited to keep it up to date or scrapped because the work is uselessly outdated. For fast-moving... Continue reading
I'm sure that I write way more than that in aggregate, but I've not been keeping up with what was once a habit I attempted: to write a 750 word essay every day. I know that it's possible to sit... Continue reading
The unit of analysis is the parking structure. It has a capacity c, and a usage u(t) for any time t observed. If u/c > 0.8 the structure is congested; at u/c > 0.9 the structure is full. That reduces... Continue reading
"This is so much better than a home game" -protestor— mgoblog (@mgoblog) September 30, 2014 Continue reading
This map, from an MDOT study of US-23 traffic congestion mitigation alternatives, is a very nice view of just how busy and how slow US-23 north of Ann Arbor is on a typical weekday. This image was pulled from the... Continue reading
Please find below a poster for the Michigan Green Burial Conference, to be held Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens in Ann Arbor. Continue reading
How do you organize materials such that they don't get lost, so that they stay reasonably up to date, and so they work the way your mind expects them to? Wiki and weblogs have been one of my answers, but... Continue reading
Another device on my shopping list is a Chromecast. This is a $35 or so HDMI dongle (powered by USB) that feeds video from your computer to a screen. How does a Chromecast work? See [Tom's Guide](,news-17637.html) for a primer.... Continue reading
I won't be complaining about a small keyboard or a small screen for a while, but I have a lot of tools to reinstall on a new system. In order of appearance: Chrome, first thing. I like Safari enough in... Continue reading
Github is not much fun on a very small screen. Octodroid does a competent job of letting you add comments to issues and scrolling through issues. It isn't so wonderful if you have gone to some trouble to categorize issues... Continue reading
A brisk torch and pitchfork business offsets diminished football parking revenues. (As noted on Twitter tonight. Michigan fans have loyalty to the school, even if they are not particularly fond of this season's athletic director.) Continue reading
One of the bitterest criticisms I have heard of late of what is left of our local media's coverage of town is their inability to function as a simple daily log of births and deaths. When a prominent local citizen... Continue reading
My laptop has been in the shop for more than a week. I am not keeping up with correspondence as a result. I apparently had an efficient enough system that for a given hour of focus I could answer or... Continue reading
Pete Kaminski pointed me to [this essay on archetypes in computer gaming](, in which four types of play style are described. Hearts play for social interaction, spades play to explore, diamonds play to level up, and clubs play to create... Continue reading
It is reported by the South China Morning Post that Firechat, an application for offline chat from Open Garden, has 100000 new users in Hong Kong after massive in street protests led to restrictions on other communications. Firechat does not... Continue reading
I don't see an "export all my work here" button on ello, the new trendy social network. So I am unlikely to put anything there that I am unwilling to have destroyed on a moment's notice. Continue reading
The tone of Michigan football blogs has changed since the loss to Minnesota on Saturday. Before the game there was a lot of grumbling, but it was varied; no one single issue stood out. After the game, it was much... Continue reading
The revolution will not be blogged. It will be twittered or facebooked or elloed or plurked, but blogging is not a revolutionary activity in the new era of the net. The process of writing for your own web site and... Continue reading
At some point in the life of a project it is inevitable that an obstacle comes up that makes you wonder whether your enthusiasm for the effort is well placed. Do you redouble your efforts, or do you take a... Continue reading
One algorithm for deciding what to do next is simply to identify the item with the closest deadline and work on that. There is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind, and it is better to get the items... Continue reading
Some notes from the table at the People's Food Co-op. My Saturday routine is to go to the farmer's market and to the food co-op. I have been doing this for a long time, more than a decade at least.... Continue reading
What is Wikipedia for? It's for bots. [This machine kills trolls: How Wikipedia’s robots and cyborgs snuff out vandalism]( writes up the work of the Wikipedia contributors who have written robots (bots) that automatically extirpate contributions to the encyclopedia that... Continue reading
A fire at the Chicago air traffic control center (ZAU) forced rerouting of air traffic near O'Hare and Midway airports. This picture, credit to Paul Saffo via Facebook, shows the impact. This map is from the FAA - compare it... Continue reading
How do you produce so much writing? It is simple. All you have to do is sit down every single day and write. There is nothing like a daily deadline to focus the mind. Weblogs do not impose an external... Continue reading
Did I just complain about address books? Well let me complain again. My addressbook asks for a random() function. It needs to surprise me from time to time, showing me individuals who aren't going to show up in a search,... Continue reading