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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
Every month I get an email with a spreadsheet of restaurant inspection reports from Washtenaw County. Here's a summary of the worst (and best) of the restaurants inspected in November 2014. There are three types of problems reported by county... Continue reading
From Scientific American, [For Sale: “Your Name Here” in a Prestigious Science Journal] ( > “Beggers funnel plot” is particularly revealing. There is no such thing as a Beggers funnel plot. "It doesn't exist. That's the point," says Guillaume Filion,... Continue reading
Radio Havana Cuba was one of my cold war era shortwave radio presets. I don't have a working shortwave radio of my own any more, and the miracle of the Internet means that you can now tune in broadcasts directly... Continue reading
Dr. Dobb's Journal is closing down, with its last issue appearing at the end of 2014. They [tell their story]( in a final report. The key insight into the demise of this 38 year old publication is that this was... Continue reading
Echolink is a system that lets amateur radio operators transmit from their computer, through a relay at a suitable Echolink server. You have to be a licensed ham to get on the network, and typically there's a two-way repeater set... Continue reading
Nothing personal, but it's time to take a break from Twitter. I tried to do this [back in 2008]( when it was still possible to have a reasonable conversation on a blog about whether you were or weren't going to... Continue reading
This is what our house sounds like when the furnace fan is running - a steady 240 hz hum with harmonics at 120 hz and about 360 hz. The graph is from [iSpectrum](, an easy to set up audio spectrum... Continue reading
I used Google Inbox for a little while, but gave up on it. It turns out that the routine I have with Google's Gmail for handling inbound correspondence is pretty good, and Inbox was too different from Gmail to make... Continue reading
November 25, 2014, midnight. FAA has issued TFR affecting inbound flights. Airport is still open. Does not impact departures.— Lambert-STL Airport (@flystl) November 25, 2014 [FAA TFR, NOTAM : 4/0271 Location : FERGUSON, MO, Tuesday, November 25, 2014 UTC]( Not... Continue reading
A kanban board is simply a two-dimensional view of a series of work queues. By moving a piece of work from one column to another, you update its status. This gives you a quick way to visualize your current priorities,... Continue reading
[Kinder Morgan]( runs a number of pipelines that carry natural gas through the United States. Detailed maps are available that show the current status for these pipelines. This map is from the [Tennessee Gas Pipeline]( which carries gas from the... Continue reading
When ordinary weather maps don't tell you what the worst of the weather is like out there, I turn to these sources for information. 1. Twitter, especially. A search this morning for "ann arbor ice" gave plenty of illustrations why... Continue reading
Some questions to ask while you're trying to sort this out. 1. Draw a diagram of the entire system, from one end to the other. Label the parts. Identify especially the parts that "just work", because undoubtably there are unexpected... Continue reading
Wake up, get a cup of coffee, start typing. That's a pretty typical pattern for me these days, and I'm trying to make sense of whether it's a good one. The hardest part of making a morning typing routine work... Continue reading
#wjchat is a weekly Wednesday night chat session on Twitter. "wj" in this case is short for "web journalism". Tonight's session is on using social media for long term editorial projects. The longest long-term editorial project I'm working on that's... Continue reading
I'm working on a project that will remain nameless. The sponsor of the project asked me not to write about it, and I agreed. I'm spending a lot of time communicating about the project, but those communications are all private.... Continue reading
Note to self: if you get asked to be part of a project, and then subsequently get asked to not talk about that project, renegotiate the terms of that effort promptly. Non-disclosure has wide ranging consequences, and that's especially true... Continue reading
I envy people who can focus on exactly one thing for a long period of time. I'm not one of those people. Continue reading
A cautionary tale. What's the value of an idea? Consider that some ideas might have a negative value; indeed that most of them might. It may take you some substantial investment to test out your idea, to prove it, to... Continue reading
They said that my telephone would be fixed by 6. They guaranteed it. (for Genghis) Continue reading
Update: The list below is of individuals and organizations that have requested the Absentee Voter file (AV file) for the most recent Ann Arbor election. The file includes the full names and addresses of individuals who have requested absentee ballots,... Continue reading
I would liken Tor to putting on Sauron's ring. The wearer is invisible to ordinary beings, like Men, but highly visible to the Nazgûl.— Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green) October 24, 2014 Ars Technica writes (November 9, 2014) about the takedown of... Continue reading
More about the song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on the 70s Pop blog. Death and destruction: why were we so obsessed with it in the 70s? So many gruesome, heart wrenching unhappy endings were fodder for pop songs... Continue reading
Number of new cases of Ebola virus disease reported — West Africa, September 28–October 18 The figure above is a map of West Africa showing the number of new cases of Ebola reported in West Africa during September 28-October 18,... Continue reading
The plan is to take about 5% of this weblog offline, not because there's anything embarrassing there, but simply because so much has built up over time that removing a slice of it will help incrementally with making the rest... Continue reading