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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
Christine Bruxvoort sent me these details on the FLY Art Center's upcoming volunteer orientation. When the volunteer orientation is going to be: Oct 4, 2014 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Where it's going to be: FLY Creativity Lab, 40 N.... Continue reading
Via John Gilmore: > A FOIA lawsuit by CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Scudder has forced the CIA to publish some declassified *Studies in Intelligence* articles from the 1970s to 2000s". Studies in Intelligence is CIA's "in-house journal for the intelligence professional". > []( > These are poorly indexed so far, but almost 255 articles were released, usually with minor redactions like the date of publication, author's name, and a few sentences or paragraphs. As seen on Dave Farber's Interesting People mailing list. Continue reading
Posted 11 hours ago at FOIA Coordinator by Edward Vielmetti
A public hearing on a proposed parking rate change for municipal Ann Arbor garages will be included as part of the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority's October 1, 2014 board meeting at the very beginning (12:00 noon) of the agenda. Continue reading
I hear a faint rattling sound when I shake the Baofeng CH-5 charger that came with my Baofeng UV-5R radio, and when I place the radio in the cradle I get nothing, no lights, no charge. Alas my UV-5R is beeping because it needs a battery charge. I'm guessing it's... Continue reading
Here's a design for a low overhead way to post about events coming up in Ann Arbor. Follow [@a2events on Twitter]( if you want to play along. The first rule of business is that every event has to have a... Continue reading
The [RSVP]( for the [Ann Arbor Civic Technology Meetup]( has been posted. The event is September 22, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. and will be held at the Washtenaw County Building at 200 N Main St in Ann Arbor in the... Continue reading
Some selected accounts here give some flavor of the meeting; I wasn't watching it end to end, but there was a lot of traffic on the Twitter octothorpe #FergusonCCM that was notable. [New York Times]( "Outrage and Calls for Change... Continue reading
I wrote up a piece about how you might rewrite your resume to provide a "retcon" ("retroactive continuity") treatment, which emphasizes reinterpreting past events in such a way that they look like part of a story with a narrative arc.... Continue reading
So you're writing a resume or a CV or a biographical sketch. What do you need to say to make you into a superhero with a fantastic back story that hints at your future greatness? Retcon comes from "retroactive continuity",... Continue reading
The Ann Arbor District Library is really quite good about getting copies of new books for its bookshelves. You can [request a title]( online, and very few reasonable requests for in-print materials available from publishers are turned down. (I haven't... Continue reading
What: 7th annual [Lower Burns Park]( [Block Party]( When: Sunday, September 28th 2014 2 pm - 6 pm (Rain Date: Sunday, October 5th, 2014) Where: Rose Ave. between Golden Ave. and East Park Place. Who: You, if you live in... Continue reading
ANN ARBOR - Sunday, 7 September, 2014 - This letter was sent to all Ann Arbor Public Schools families and staff. The worst of the traffic will be in south Ann Arbor where there's detours on the Stone School bridge... Continue reading
Beer Stew From Tish Osborn- Originally from Ada Vielmetti (Nana) & Aunt Florence Burt To serve @ 6 people, use: 4 lbs. Of good Stew Meat 2 lb. Onions, thickly sliced Flour to dredge meat Oil to brown meat, in... Continue reading
The challenge I put to myself is to spend not more than $100 and get a functioning solar powered charging station. The alternate name is a "camping power supply" for off-the-grid operations. Breaking down the components it looks like this... Continue reading
Every Thursday at the a2b3 lunch, we talk about upcoming events for the next week and month and season for the Ann Arbor area. It's a good way to hear about what's coming up, and to hear from people who... Continue reading
The stock antenna on my Baofeng UV-5R stopped working just before a vacation trip up north. This got in the way of operating in the Upper Peninsula, which I had been looking forward to. Oh well, several the repeaters up there have Echolink, so any time I want to tune... Continue reading
Essential components of Ann Arbor Weather Twitter: In an emergency, call 911. 911 trunk lines can go down in storms. The Ann Arbor non-emergency police number is (734) 994-2911, put it in your cell phone. Sirens: City sirens are tested... Continue reading
This is a partial text of the public comments I gave at the September 3, 2014 meeting, for the record. Please incorporate these comments into the public record of the meeting. I have provided a copy of these comments to... Continue reading
> From: Dave Askins > Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 4:11 PM > Subject: Redistricting Map Language > To: "Postema, Stephen" , "Briere, Sabra" > , "Hieftje, John" Stephen, Redistricting maps available on the city's website contain the following... Continue reading
Comments as presented to the Ann Arbor City Council for the September 2, 2014 meeting. Four very brief topics: municipal maps, public records, closed captioning and the city web site. These are my intended comments at the end of the... Continue reading
This detail is from a document provided in the board packet for a recent public meeting. According to the terms of the copyright, it's not legal for me to post this excerpt (except under fair use claims). City of Ann... Continue reading
Discardia is a quarterly holiday that helps you get rid of things. This year's fall season dates are September 22 (the equinox) to September 23 (the new moon), 2014. I'm looking forward at the very least to a cleanout of... Continue reading
The Perfect Heist: Recipes from Around the World Sandia Labs report SAND 2014-1790 * Jarret M. Lafleur, Ph.D., Systems Research and Analysis IV * Liston K. Purvis, Ph.D., Systems Research and Analysis I * Alex W. Roesler, Ph.D., National Security... Continue reading
I have written about here previously about Stanford researcher BJ Fogg in the context of his "Tiny Habits" project. He has a talk here from 2012 about the "motivation wave" and how software and systems that are are looking to... Continue reading