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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
A nice lunch at [Argus Farm Stop]( I bought bread for the table, John Harnois supplied hard-boiled duck eggs from [Harnois Farm](, and we had 9 at the table. Continue reading
GopherCon '92: Trip report Prentiss Riddle 8/17/92 SUMMARY: GopherCon '92 was a small working session of Gopher developers and users. Focuses included proposed extensions to the Gopher protocol; how to organize the Internet resources available through Gopher in a... Continue reading
The pictures coming out of Calbuco are stunning, let me find a few to save them here. Local coverage is from []( [Volcán Calbuco retoma proceso eruptivo con expulsión de material incandescente]( > Una densa columna de lava y material... Continue reading
Props to ace editor Bob Needham for the haiku. Garlic mustard recipes from [Friends of Silgo Creek]( include Garlic Mustard and Spinach Raviolis with Garlic Mustard Pesto, Garlic Mustard in Lemon Sauce, and Wild (Garlic) Mustard Seed Mayonnaise. Continue reading
As seen with gqrx on my Mac. The readout on the radio says 145.2169 Mhz instead of 145.2300 Mhz, I think that means the receiver has drifted 16.1 KHz from peak, or perhaps the listed frequency is not what I'm... Continue reading
So if you don't read email every moment of every waking day, you get a bit behind. Apologies to my correspondents if I can't manage same-day responses every day. Continue reading
Last week was spring break, so my routines were completely upended. The boys didn't have school and so I didn't actually have to be anywhere in the morning. Yet I was up and out of bed and awake by 7:00... Continue reading
After three or four years of planning to get Skywarn training, this year I finally did it. The good folks at Washtenaw County Emergency Operations Center and at the National Weather Service in White Lake, MI did a training session... Continue reading
A couple of years ago, I got one of the first-generation RTL-SDR USB software defined radio units. These inexpensive devices are originally designed as TV tuners, but clever radio hackers figured out how to turn them into software-defined radios that... Continue reading
My Twitter feed was full of air crash news this morning. Germanwings flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps, killing all passengers aboard. Wikipedia has a [good summary](, perhaps as good as any. What was unusual about the crash was... Continue reading
Last night was the a2civictech meetup. We met at Zingerman's Next Door, there were 9 people who showed up, some familiar faces and some new ones. The nominal topic of the discussion was data quality, understanding how various data sets... Continue reading
First made in 2002, these old candybar style phones are virtually indestructible. My son popped my Ting SIM into it and it's working fine. Not so my old Nexus 4, which did a face plant on the sidewalk, cracked the... Continue reading
Photo credit: Ryan Eby, from his [aurora photoset]( on Flickr. I first got word that there was a chance of northern lights from the [Michigan VHF-UHF Society mailing list](, an amateur radio group. When the aurora activity is high, the... Continue reading
This strange map of Alaska from the National Park Service annexes parts of Canada. Thanks to eagle eyed Canadian Kai Petainen for pointing this out. Original at [](, which is an embed of [this full state map]( Continue reading
Dr. Lewis Ernest Peters, 82, of Marquette, died peacefully Wednesday morning, March 4, 2015, at Brookridge Heights Memory Care while under the care of Lake Superior Hospice. He was born April 10, 1932, in Evanston, Illinois, a son of the... Continue reading
The project of the week has been an effort to generate a set of maps - 2935 of them, in fact. The source data is from the Department of Energy, listing a set of utility companies and the counties they... Continue reading
> style <- styleGrad(prop="score", breaks=seq(50,100,by=10) ,style.val=rev(rainbow(5)), leg="score") > leaflet(data="/Users/emv/tmp/N.geojson",dest=tempdir(),popup="*",style=style) So, progress. One process, written in python, takes an Excel file provided by the county and creates a GeoJSON file from it. Addresses in the file are geocoded. The original file... Continue reading
I've been fond of maps and graphs for a long time, but haven't had a good set of tools to play with that easily generate decent versions of same from various data sets I've found or accumulated. The small hope... Continue reading
One of my favorite weather forecasts comes from []( This screen shows the ensemble set of forecasts they have for temperature for tomorrow (February 20, 2015), highlighting the 8:00 a.m. reading. You'll note from this graph that there are several... Continue reading
I woke up this morning thinking about ways to improve my sense of direction. (Don't ask me why.) Here's some previous work on the internet that I had found for wearable devices that give you an always-on compass reading and... Continue reading
Our living room has lovely (old) wooden windows. When it's cold, the windows get cold. Last year we got some lovely thermal curtains to insulate. I thought I'd use some of the equipment I had to see just how cold... Continue reading
The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority is considering hiring "downtown ambassadors" to patrol city streets, help out visitors, and keep the downtown neat and clean and welcoming. As a counterpoint to this corporatized welcoming function, I give you the Psychedelic... Continue reading
Vellum closed in January 2015. The [Ann Arbor News story]( tells the part of the story of an innovative kitchen that was "like a laboratory", and a subsequent format change to a more mainstream menu. The restaurant had a two... Continue reading
Ann Arbor City Council is meeting tonight, 5 January 2015, at 7:00 p.m. the Washtenaw County Administration Building. Here are some highlights from the agenda. Three public hearings are on the docket. The public will get a chance to weigh... Continue reading
The first computer that I ever had all to myself was the Olivetti Programma 101. This was a 1965-era Italian machine that was just a little more than a programmable calculator. It used flexible magnetic cards for program storage, discrete... Continue reading