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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
My goal for the week was to empty out my inbox sufficiently that I would be able to make progress on some programming tasks that are hard to do when there's distractions. The inbox got all the way down to... Continue reading
From the fix-it-yourself department, two successful radio repairs in one day. For my dad's old Kenwood R-2000, a replaced 100ma 5x20mm fuse brought it back to life. The antenna fuse search took a rather long time to get started, but... Continue reading
The rented lakes of my childhood by Marge Piercy I remember the lakes of my Michigan childhood. Here they are called ponds. Lakes belonged to summer, two-week vacations that my father was granted by Westinghouse when we rented some cabin.... Continue reading
The City of Ann Arbor does not have a full time building official, and the routine operations of the building department are suffering as a result. I was at a Building Board of Appeals meeting today, 14 May 2015. The... Continue reading
This is the AAATA Route 5 summer 2015 inbound to Ann Arbor schedule, as it looks as embedded with ViewerJS. I note on Chrome on Mac OS X that the map is white on black instead of the black on... Continue reading
From his collection "Angels over Elsinore", originally printed in The Guardian. Clive James, Windows Is Shutting Down. I howled with laughter first time I read it. Absolute genius.— Andrew Wiggins (@alboreto) April 24, 2015 Continue reading
I have a new Windows Phone and overall I really like it. We bought it used and unlocked and it's running on the Ting network, which means that in addition to being an interesting device that looks really nice it's... Continue reading
May 7 2015 9:34p Eastern: Live coverage of Texas storms from [WFAA 8 ABC "Confirmed tornadoes, hail hit North Texas"]( Twitter hashtag [#txwx]( and weather service is [@NWSFortWorth]( Ann Arbor, MI, May 7 2015 8:42p Eastern: Listening right now to... Continue reading
Ann Arbor, May 5, 2015, 2:00 a.m. I spoke with Jim Payeur, fire chief for the Chelsea Area Fire Authority, about the gas pipeline explosion in a 20" gas transmission line in a wooded area near the corner of M-52... Continue reading
Thanks in large part to the hard work of Dave Askins of [Civ City](, here's a preview map snapshot of the agenda for Ann Arbor City Council for May 4, 2015. Click through for detail which will take you to... Continue reading
May 2, 2015, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN: A magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattled southern Michigan at 12:23 p.m. today, with the quake centered at Galesburg, MI. Timeline May 2, 2015, 12:59 p.m. EST: Official report gives the quake ID us20002avh. "Did you... Continue reading
Sloppy sidewalk repair state and Packard @a2gov cc @A2CivCity— Edward Vielmetti (@vielmetti) April 27, 2015 Finding out more via [this FOIA request]( Please send the following records: 1) All records pertaining to the repair of the sidewalk on Packard... Continue reading
Details of this music festival including a schedule at []( I'll post a map here when I have it. Continue reading
My command of the Nepali language is extremely limited, Somewhere on a bookshelf somewhere in the house I have this cookbook and its recipe for "gundruk", a fermented leafy vegetable that I have never tried to make and have not... Continue reading
A nice lunch at [Argus Farm Stop]( I bought bread for the table, John Harnois supplied hard-boiled duck eggs from [Harnois Farm](, and we had 9 at the table. Continue reading
GopherCon '92: Trip report Prentiss Riddle 8/17/92 SUMMARY: GopherCon '92 was a small working session of Gopher developers and users. Focuses included proposed extensions to the Gopher protocol; how to organize the Internet resources available through Gopher in a... Continue reading
The pictures coming out of Calbuco are stunning, let me find a few to save them here. Local coverage is from []( [Volcán Calbuco retoma proceso eruptivo con expulsión de material incandescente]( > Una densa columna de lava y material... Continue reading
Props to ace editor Bob Needham for the haiku. Garlic mustard recipes from [Friends of Silgo Creek]( include Garlic Mustard and Spinach Raviolis with Garlic Mustard Pesto, Garlic Mustard in Lemon Sauce, and Wild (Garlic) Mustard Seed Mayonnaise. Continue reading
As seen with gqrx on my Mac. The readout on the radio says 145.2169 Mhz instead of 145.2300 Mhz, I think that means the receiver has drifted 16.1 KHz from peak, or perhaps the listed frequency is not what I'm... Continue reading
So if you don't read email every moment of every waking day, you get a bit behind. Apologies to my correspondents if I can't manage same-day responses every day. Continue reading
Last week was spring break, so my routines were completely upended. The boys didn't have school and so I didn't actually have to be anywhere in the morning. Yet I was up and out of bed and awake by 7:00... Continue reading
After three or four years of planning to get Skywarn training, this year I finally did it. The good folks at Washtenaw County Emergency Operations Center and at the National Weather Service in White Lake, MI did a training session... Continue reading
A couple of years ago, I got one of the first-generation RTL-SDR USB software defined radio units. These inexpensive devices are originally designed as TV tuners, but clever radio hackers figured out how to turn them into software-defined radios that... Continue reading