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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
I'm preparing to take the General-Class license exam at the next opportunity. It took me about a day of thorough study without much else going on to get to the point where I hope to pass it. Study has been with Ham Test Prep by Iversoft, and Dan KB6NU's No-Nonsense... Continue reading
One of the projects I'm working on is getting Broadband Hamnet running in Ann Arbor. For reference, then, the home page for the project is Still to do, in approximate order: * obtain two or three suitable routers * flash those routers with the software * determine a reasonable... Continue reading
Multiple people around Ann Arbor Michigan reported power blips at about 8 pm Wednesday 16 July 2014. Detailed explanation of the incident is unavailable at this time. Continue reading
This list of [Echolink commands] should be helpful if you want to do more than listen to a repeater. Note that repeater operators can and will change any of these codes. [Echolink commands]: To switch a Baofeng UV-5R between high power (5 watts) and low power (1 watt), press... Continue reading
I had a tour of the U of Michigan Amateur Radio Club shack on the UM North Campus in the EECS building, and joined the club this weekend. Dues are $20/yr; it's open to University of Michigan students, staff, faculty and alumni. The next step is to get checked out... Continue reading
I had my Baofeng UV-5R out and about with me today, monitoring W8UM and N8DUY. W8UM is the U of Michigan Amateur Radio Club 2 meter repeater on 145.23 Mhz, and N8DUY is the repeater on 145.15 Mhz that has the local Skywarn net. N8DUY sends out a signal in... Continue reading
Make Health Fest Saturday, Aug 16th, 2014 University of Michigan Palmer Commons, Great Lakes Rooms The Make Health Fest is a collaborative event for a local and virtual community interested in health, technology, and participatory design. Think of it as... Continue reading
The Baofeng UV-5R radio has a keypad lock function. If you press and hold the # key, the radio will say "lock", and the keypad will mostly be disabled. Mostly disabled, because the red CALL key will still turn the FM broadcast radio on and off, and PTT will still... Continue reading
I've been writing about ham radio on my main blog which is called Vacuum. The plan is to revisit those entries and post updates here. But for now a link back to the previous category is called for. Continue reading
See for the AADL Summer Reading Game for 2014. New this year is QR codes on game code posters, so if you have the right app you can snap photos of game codes and redeem them quickly. Let me... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2014 at Superpatron
In Michigan, February is 13 months long. That's why I'm thinking of simulated sunrise applications that turn a pleasant light on slowly to mimic the sunrise. I don't need this in July, but I will need it come February. If... Continue reading
Sumpy Status: The sump is full! This looks like a job for SUMPY MCPUMPERTON!— Sumpy McPumperton (@GregsSumpPump) July 1, 2014 ANN ARBOR, July 1, 2014: The Ann Arbor City Planning Commission is considering the Glendale Condominiums, a proposed development at... Continue reading
If you can not see this chirbit, listen to it here Check this out on Chirbit Continue reading
Via Bob Dively, a Marvel Comics version of the Internet of Things. @vielmetti The Internet of Things— Bob Dively (@bobdively) June 28, 2014 Continue reading
The single most popular page on this web site is the power outage tracking map collection page. It has static copies of samples of power outage maps from utilities around the country, and it gets bunches of hits every single... Continue reading
I have found myself thinking about things, and how to connect things to the net, quite a bit recently. I'll be blogging more about it here and elsewhere. By "things" I mean more precisely devices at the edge of the... Continue reading
Thanks to Dan KB6NU for these details of Field Day in Ann Arbor June 27-29 2014. > As for Field Day, It will be at the Ann Arbor Airport, near the soccer fields. We'll be setting up antennas on Friday... Continue reading
The Ann Arbor District Library's Summer Reading Game is up and running for 2014. Visit [] to take part! New this year is QR codes on reading game codes, so you can take a photo of a game code and... Continue reading
For future reference, here's a distribution for the Raspberry Pi that's designed for server use. It has stripped out a bunch of things (like X Windows) that you don't want or don't need if all you need is a headless... Continue reading
I wrote about [All Hands Active] briefly in 2010 when they opened. It's a hacker space in a basement on E Liberty St in downtown Ann Arbor (at Maynard Street), where Dawn Treader was once upon a time and later... Continue reading
Here's a thought experiment for 2014. What do you do with the Internet of Cats? You have a cat with a collar, and some number of grams of electronics that can be affixed to the collar. What kind of interesting... Continue reading
I was productive this morning, cranking out about 1500 words in the span of a couple of hours without much in the way of distractions. It was a timely day to be productive, and the morning's activity resulted in a... Continue reading
Did you ever wake up from a long session online and discover that you had very little to show for it? There's a pattern of internet use that's simple and very disturbingly unproductive. Go to you favorite network, read everything,... Continue reading
> He sees you when you're sleeping > He knows when you're awake > He knows if you've been bad or good > So be good for goodness sake The startup Buffer has a radical approach to transparency. Corporate minders... Continue reading