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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
When ordinary weather maps don't tell you what the worst of the weather is like out there, I turn to these sources for information. 1. Twitter, especially. A search this morning for "ann arbor ice" gave plenty of illustrations why... Continue reading
Some questions to ask while you're trying to sort this out. 1. Draw a diagram of the entire system, from one end to the other. Label the parts. Identify especially the parts that "just work", because undoubtably there are unexpected... Continue reading
Wake up, get a cup of coffee, start typing. That's a pretty typical pattern for me these days, and I'm trying to make sense of whether it's a good one. The hardest part of making a morning typing routine work... Continue reading
#wjchat is a weekly Wednesday night chat session on Twitter. "wj" in this case is short for "web journalism". Tonight's session is on using social media for long term editorial projects. The longest long-term editorial project I'm working on that's... Continue reading
I'm working on a project that will remain nameless. The sponsor of the project asked me not to write about it, and I agreed. I'm spending a lot of time communicating about the project, but those communications are all private.... Continue reading
Note to self: if you get asked to be part of a project, and then subsequently get asked to not talk about that project, renegotiate the terms of that effort promptly. Non-disclosure has wide ranging consequences, and that's especially true... Continue reading
I envy people who can focus on exactly one thing for a long period of time. I'm not one of those people. Continue reading
A cautionary tale. What's the value of an idea? Consider that some ideas might have a negative value; indeed that most of them might. It may take you some substantial investment to test out your idea, to prove it, to... Continue reading
They said that my telephone would be fixed by 6. They guaranteed it. (for Genghis) Continue reading
Update: The list below is of individuals and organizations that have requested the Absentee Voter file (AV file) for the most recent Ann Arbor election. The file includes the full names and addresses of individuals who have requested absentee ballots,... Continue reading
I would liken Tor to putting on Sauron's ring. The wearer is invisible to ordinary beings, like Men, but highly visible to the Nazgûl.— Matthew Green (@matthew_d_green) October 24, 2014 Ars Technica writes (November 9, 2014) about the takedown of... Continue reading
More about the song The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on the 70s Pop blog. Death and destruction: why were we so obsessed with it in the 70s? So many gruesome, heart wrenching unhappy endings were fodder for pop songs... Continue reading
Number of new cases of Ebola virus disease reported — West Africa, September 28–October 18 The figure above is a map of West Africa showing the number of new cases of Ebola reported in West Africa during September 28-October 18,... Continue reading
The plan is to take about 5% of this weblog offline, not because there's anything embarrassing there, but simply because so much has built up over time that removing a slice of it will help incrementally with making the rest... Continue reading
Fournier, Thomas James 6/27/1925 - 11/7/2014 Tom Fournier died peacefully with family by his side on November 7, 2014. Tom was born on June 27, 1925 in Detroit, MI, to Christopher and Alice Fournier. He joined the Navy to fight... Continue reading
To: Ann Arbor City Clerk Date: November 5, 2014 FOIA Please provide the following records: 1. Records within the A2 Fix It / SeeClickFix system regarding Issue ID 127500, Service Request ID 272504, reported on September 8, 2014. 2. Records... Continue reading
November 2, 2014, 5:04 p.m. EST (Ann Arbor, MI): The state of Maine is being hit by winter storms, with more than 1 inch an hour falling across parts of the state. This has led to widespread power outages, as... Continue reading
CHARTING THE WOLVERINE: MAP COLLAGE [Elaine S. Wilson]( Elaine S. Wilson chronicles the experience of riding Amtrak’s train from Ann Arbor to Chicago by combining maps, aerial drawings and watercolor images. The prints are the result of over five years... Continue reading
Haven't cooked any of these yet, but there's some recipes to work through: Ricki Heller: [Chickpea, Potato and Tomato Stew]( Uses tahini to enrich the sauce. Fit Pregnancy: [Chickpea, Potato and Tomato Stew with Chard ]( With chard, paprika, parsley.... Continue reading
Where do you write something that's longer than a tweet, but shorter than an essay? There's a space on the net for things that you put together that don't fit into a tweet, but that also don't really require a... Continue reading
APPLESAUCE At farmer's market, ask the farmer for a half a peck or a peck of "mixed seconds for sauce". Use whatever apples they give you. In November 2014 I paid $7 for a peck of mixed seconds at the... Continue reading
Some enormous fraction of the traffic to this web site appears because of search, specifically Google search. What if Google gets tired of reading my posts and recommending them to others? Continue reading
On Friday, Nov. 7, 2014, FLY Art Center's annual Circus fundraiser will create a circus, with a menagerie of carnival games and exotic performers in the Bona Sera underground space, 200 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, MI. Music and mingling, cash... Continue reading