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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
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Your comments excluded, of course, dear reader, though there are more posts here than comments by people on those posts. The reference is to the interminable slog of newspaper comments which place a long stream of dreck at the end... Continue reading
From the BBC: [Greece's bank holiday from hell]( Greek banks are expected to stay shuttered for more than a week, and in the meantime depositors can only withdraw 60 euros per day. The Internet spin on this is to wonder... Continue reading
The evening's work can be roughly summed up as 1. Generate a random item from my personal wiki that starts with 'A'. Much of the time, that will be a person's name. 2. Comment on that person's weblog, if they... Continue reading
[`squid` is a web caching system]( Instead of browsing directly to a site, you point your browser at a squid cache, and the cache serves up cached copies of the data you are asking for. If squid has an out... Continue reading
I was at a ham radio field day event. The people were friendly, but the focus was on the contests they were working on. I don't think that's the part of the hobby I'm most interested in. The contest setup... Continue reading
June 28, 2015. The SpaceX CRS-7 resupply mission to the International Space Station failed this morning. The vehicle experienced an anomaly on ascent. Team is investigating. Updates to come.— SpaceX (@SpaceX) June 28, 2015 Awful. #SpaceX @NASA via @MickiMaynard—... Continue reading
I'm volunteering at WCBN hoping very slowly to accumulate enough hours and enough time behind the mic to get trained as a DJ. It only takes time, which has not seemed to be plentiful as of late. Here's a photo... Continue reading
I don't really need more wifi access points in the house, but I do need more wired ethernet ports. Thanks to ellemef's box o'goodies I have a WRT54GL to play with, and I put DD-WRT on it set up in... Continue reading
Gogs is a self-hosted Git server, an alternative to using Github as a for-pay hosted service or Gitlab as another self-hosted system. It's written in the Go language, and is said to be sparing of system resources. I'm building it... Continue reading
I followed the instructions on [this post on]( to get an old Logitech web camera running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Here are some of the changes I did from the original to support my hardware. lsusb returns this... Continue reading
Reporting by Democracy Now, ["This Flag Comes Down Today": Bree Newsome Scales Flagpole, Removes SC Capitol Confederate Flag]( > The state Bureau of Protective Services confirmed Newsome and one other person were arrested. They are charged with defacing a monument,... Continue reading
I've deleted Facebook from my phone, though I haven't closed out my account there. Look for me to be there less and here (on this blog) more. Facebook is a never ending stream. You start to look at it, and... Continue reading
Docker 1.7.0 has been released into the wild. Every .0 release of software should be expected to have some issues, no matter how good the QA and automated test process. Here's what to expect if you're getting Docker 1.7.0 up... Continue reading
The opinion in [Obergefell v. Hodges]( reads in part: > No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater... Continue reading
Noted on Twitter; I've asked some folks for more clarification and confirmation about what precisely is going on. @Uber Ann Arbor charging drivers with misdemeanor. What's up with that? #canigetalawyer— Richard Roe (@MrRoeAA) June 25, 2015 @vielmetti @Uber state law... Continue reading
There's lots of Reddy Kilowatt information and memorabilia on > This is a completely unofficial web site dedicated to Reddy Kilowatt. It features history, memorabilia, items for sale and more. Please note that I can’t/don’t/won’t estimate the value of... Continue reading
Noted as an example of "how do they do that" > The RTDS simulates any user-defined electrical system with models of complex electrical components, such as transmission lines, generators and transformers. The components can be precisely defined to match your... Continue reading
The annual conference for Docker, [Dockercon](, has been going on. A few highlights from the event as seen through Twitter - I was not there to attend it. Docker is real on the Raspberry Pi through support for the ARM... Continue reading
You might like me occasionally want to pull a bit of data from some web site and use that data in a script or process. Some modern web sites are fiendishly complex and don't have the data you want on... Continue reading
The Detroit Free Press story of June 18, 2015, [Michigan House panel calls for open university meetings](, describes an effort to cause the University of Michigan and other state universities to hold all of its meetings in public. The current text of the law reads, in part, > ... Formal sessions of governing boards of such [higher education] institutions shall be open to the public. which the University of Michigan has interpreted as allowing "informal sessions" to be held in private. The proposed change to the law, which you can see as [2015 House Joint Resolution O](, would put... Continue reading
One of the most irritating typical FOIA problems that you will run into is getting a PDF document that started out its life as an Excel or other database document. Data which would be easy to process turns into a puzzle that must be decoded. In the worst case, the database dump gets scanned in and turned into bitmaps that have to be painstakingly decoded with an optical character recognition program. Madness! The City of Ann Arbor has released a PDF file that's a report from its FOIA log database. You can find it from a [link on the Clerk's... Continue reading
Barbara Tebbutt is the new FOIA Coordinator at Ann Arbor Public Schools, replacing long time employee Liz Margolis. The new coordinates are on the [new AAPS web site]( Note that search on that web site was difficult for a while but they have reorganized things somewhat to make it better. > Ann Arbor Public Schools > Barbara Tebbutt, FOIA Coordinator > 2555 S. State Street > Ann Arbor, MI 48104 > > 734-994-2283 Continue reading
A brief note on two pages I refer to during severe weather, like the storms that rolled through the area on Monday night and Tuesday early morning that led to [tornado damage in Manchester]( on the morning of June 23,... Continue reading
My current laptop (a MacBook Air) has a plenty fast processor and super fast disk. This means that the usual bottleneck for system operations is the network, not the computer itself. I go from wifi spot to other wifi spot... Continue reading
Docker has a new runtime environment that they are releasing called runC. It's a "lightweight universal plumbing" that tries to encapsulate all of the Docker dependencies and infrastructure. > To build Docker we have re-used large quantities of plumbing: Linux,... Continue reading