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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
ANN ARBOR, March 26, 2016. Morel season is not yet upon us, but it is definitely the time to start looking at the maps to see where the progression of finds is. Here's a few sources for you, with snippets... Continue reading
APRS is a protocol for device location over RF and TCP/IP. I'm using [APRS for Windows Phone]( by Stefan HB9TWS. One operating note. If you are on the U of Michigan campus as a guest, you can connect to the Internet over the MGuest network. While on this network,... Continue reading
Instead of paying full price for movies on Blu-ray or music on CD, you can pick up a very fine selection of VHS video and audio cassettes at the Ann Arbor Downtown Kiwanis sale. This event happens weekly on Saturdays... Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2016 at Superpatron
As part of the Ann Arbor District Library's Fifth Avenue Press, there is a new series of Emerging Writers workshops to be hosted on the third Thursdays of the month. Here's the annouccement of the first one. Fifth Avenue Press... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2016 at Superpatron
I picked up a copy of Isaac Asimov's "Foundation's Edge" at a Little Free Library in Ann Arbor, and figured that I would trade up for what I really wanted - Asimov's classic "I robot", a series of short stories... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2016 at Superpatron
I navigated the FCC dance successfully and now have call sign W8EMV, replacing the previous call sign KD8OQG. There's no charge for a "vanity" license any more, just a matter of filling out the simple online forms and waiting 2 business weeks. I've had the emv login for many years,... Continue reading
Please see []( as a new location for new posts, plus some new views on old posts. It's rather raw at the moment, but the hope is that by moving to a new site I can start making sense of... Continue reading
Progress, actually quite a lot of it: The problem, neatly stated. Docker is good for bringing up single services ("microservices"), but sometimes your application needs more than one thing running for the whole thing to work. Enter "docker compose", formerly... Continue reading
Wasem's brought gooseberries to today's Ann Arbor Farmers Market. There were two varieties, one with smaller berries and one with larger berries. Delicious just as is. Continue reading
If you're trying to follow Ann Arbor City Council via the online feed, you'll be disappointed tonight as the feed is not working. The CTN live stream for channel 16 is currently down and being looked at. Sorry for the... Continue reading
Of course you never read the comments, but you might read the commentary on the comments. Here's The Verge's decision to turn off comments on its stories for the summer: > And sometimes it gets too intense. What we've found... Continue reading
Drama on Reddit - a key employee has left the organization, and the side effect has been chaos. Reddit's popular AMA (Ask Me Anything) and other subreddits have gone private, and the top post today is [TIL After mismanagement, Digg,... Continue reading
One of the key tenets of keeping a FOIA cost reasonably priced is to sharply limit the scope of your search. Very broad searches require an extensive look at records, and if you're not careful you'll require an individual to look at every message by hand because your search criteria are very difficult to express in code. As an example, this search at the Goodrich Area Schools near Flint, Michigan, as reported by the [Flint Journal](, "Proposed $77,718 bill for Freedom of Information request has Goodrich parents fuming": > Sherry Smith filed a Freedom of Information Act request in late... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2015 at FOIA Coordinator by Edward Vielmetti
Your comments excluded, of course, dear reader, though there are more posts here than comments by people on those posts. The reference is to the interminable slog of newspaper comments which place a long stream of dreck at the end... Continue reading
From the BBC: [Greece's bank holiday from hell]( Greek banks are expected to stay shuttered for more than a week, and in the meantime depositors can only withdraw 60 euros per day. The Internet spin on this is to wonder... Continue reading
The evening's work can be roughly summed up as 1. Generate a random item from my personal wiki that starts with 'A'. Much of the time, that will be a person's name. 2. Comment on that person's weblog, if they... Continue reading
[`squid` is a web caching system]( Instead of browsing directly to a site, you point your browser at a squid cache, and the cache serves up cached copies of the data you are asking for. If squid has an out... Continue reading
I was at a ham radio field day event. The people were friendly, but the focus was on the contests they were working on. I don't think that's the part of the hobby I'm most interested in. The contest setup... Continue reading
June 28, 2015. The SpaceX CRS-7 resupply mission to the International Space Station failed this morning. The vehicle experienced an anomaly on ascent. Team is investigating. Updates to come.— SpaceX (@SpaceX) June 28, 2015 Awful. #SpaceX @NASA via @MickiMaynard—... Continue reading
I'm volunteering at WCBN hoping very slowly to accumulate enough hours and enough time behind the mic to get trained as a DJ. It only takes time, which has not seemed to be plentiful as of late. Here's a photo... Continue reading
I don't really need more wifi access points in the house, but I do need more wired ethernet ports. Thanks to ellemef's box o'goodies I have a WRT54GL to play with, and I put DD-WRT on it set up in... Continue reading
Gogs is a self-hosted Git server, an alternative to using Github as a for-pay hosted service or Gitlab as another self-hosted system. It's written in the Go language, and is said to be sparing of system resources. I'm building it... Continue reading
I followed the instructions on [this post on]( to get an old Logitech web camera running on a Raspberry Pi 2. Here are some of the changes I did from the original to support my hardware. lsusb returns this... Continue reading
Reporting by Democracy Now, ["This Flag Comes Down Today": Bree Newsome Scales Flagpole, Removes SC Capitol Confederate Flag]( > The state Bureau of Protective Services confirmed Newsome and one other person were arrested. They are charged with defacing a monument,... Continue reading
I've deleted Facebook from my phone, though I haven't closed out my account there. Look for me to be there less and here (on this blog) more. Facebook is a never ending stream. You start to look at it, and... Continue reading