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Edward Vielmetti
Ann Arbor, MI
Networker, Internet old-timer, and parent of two small boys, living in Ann Arbor, MI.
Recent Activity
The simplest version of the news: URL scheme is just news:newsgroup. The 1998 draft of the description is here: []( . Continue reading
This comes out kind of like a lasagna and is designed the same way: lots of layers. Ingredients: * one package tortillas (whole wheat, corn, or flour) * one can tomatoes with chiles * one can black beans * 1/2... Continue reading
Dzanc Books is proud to announce the release of My Beautiful Hook-Nosed Beauty Queen Strut Wave, the debut full-length poetry collection from longtime Ann Arbor educator Jeff Kass. In addition to being an English teacher at Pioneer High School and... Continue reading
[]( now has Usenet news, of the very old fashioned sort where there is only a small handful of newsgroups and where people are still figuring out their newsreaders and news hosting systems and where there's no spam. Instructions are... Continue reading
I checked out a [27 watt solar panel]( with a very beefy battery from the Ann Arbor District Library. The battery also charges via a wall wart, and provides either 5V USB power or switchable 10V-19V DC. I've been thinking... Continue reading
[~nsb]( can see colors for the first time. "After 57 years on this planet, I suddenly like art museums." [~ford]( writes about his friend Tom, who died last week. "It was good to have known him." You can't flee Mercury... Continue reading
The next major ancient Internet subsystem I'd like to get back is Usenet News. tin, trn, rn etc I all have a lot of muscle memory for, and by running netnews inside a closed network of other relatively trusted sites... Continue reading
Just a list, so I can't forget who I saw on a very good trip to Chicago last week. * [Megabus]( Cheap and cheerful transportation, very convenient to where I was going, good drivers both ways. The return trip bus... Continue reading
Fun with source code control, so you don't lose any text. git and especially [github]( is your friend. Fun with server-side includes, learning about the Meta refresh hack, and the XBitHack. I'm using [screen]( to manage multiple shells on the... Continue reading
I'm playing on []( It's interesting and fun to try to write a weblog when you don't have any content management system other than the Unix shell, but at some point quickly you end up moving a file on top... Continue reading
Hello I am looking for and thought you might My ideal contact is Who do you know who ? I have some people to refer to you who And keep me in mind when you need people who I would... Continue reading
RideScout is an app that provides info about a whole range of transit options, including taxi, car share, bus, parking, and more. They have support for Ann Arbor as a city, so I tried it while riding AAATA (The Ride).... Continue reading
I host a weekly lunch, and I've asked that group to consider installing "Firechat", a chat tool that can work even when there's no internet because it uses phone-to-phone communications. The idea I had is that we might have a... Continue reading
Since we're reinventing the Olde Web with systems like, here's a screen shot of the current state of Gopher. "brew install lynx" gets a Lynx client on my Mac, and then you point lynx at gopher:// and you're good... Continue reading
noting along the way the [Chicago Crash Browser](, The [Michigan Traffic Crash Facts]( site is very competent as well, perhaps better than this Chicago site in some ways. This image shows bicycle crashes in Washtenaw County, 2013. Continue reading
1871 is an enormous coworking and business incubator space on the 12th floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. I'm spending the afternoon of October 7, 2014 there, as a guest of Christopher Whitaker from Code for America. Continue reading
I'm completely happy with my choice of HI-Chicago as a place to stay. It's inexpensive, clean, well run, the staff is friendly, and there's lots of community space in the building to get things done in outside of your room.... Continue reading
Some very nice postcards indeed from their postcard rack, at about $1 a piece. I'm going to study them closely and them mail them off! Continue reading
One of the tools that I rediscovered and have been really happy for having done so is "jq", a command line tool that bills itself as "awk for json". I've been writing awk code since 1985, and some limited subset... Continue reading
I'm working on a tool or a set of tools to assist people in finding grave sites in the Park Cemetery in Marquette, Michigan as a part of a project for Code Michigan. I'm working with a team that's based... Continue reading
Throwing out some notes here for a panel I'm on at the #micities conference at the Michigan Union today October 4, 2014. The questions are around open data, considered as data published by a government agency that has a *... Continue reading
I found the [Chicago Postcard Museum]( which is all online; pity that it's not in a real place or I'd visit. Where would you go in the Loop to get good and interesting cards? I'm not interested in spending lots... Continue reading
The internet of things is a multi-protocol internet, with lots of legacy protocols in use as well as homemade protocols over TCP/IP and also serial port stuff and funky radio uses. Oh, and HTTP too. Some of the things in... Continue reading