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Things like this website are really important. We can communicate and share the ways that we can help others like different websites. Though things like this never seem to stop. There is always one other world disaster so maybe can't give as much as they would like but it doesn't make that person uncaring.
Media is not the only outlet though. Media will never do their jobs right because they are just as corrupt as most things out there. The word is not getting out about the suffering because the news stations are too worried about discrediting each other than the real problems in the world. They will keep going on like this so the real news, problems, and suffering aren't going to get shown and so it is up to us, the people who care, to do as much as we can but there is also pain in suffering in the U.S.
The problem with those people who sit on the side of the road and drink their alcohol, is that. They got to that position because they are did that in excess and lost everything. They are addicted to alcohol and they just accept it like any other addict. Some may even be going to that in order to drink themselves to death. In my experience, The man walked up to my car to walk to me saying that he was going to buy alcohol and I just said no. Some of them may be insane or others might be just addicted but they all need help and its not help that can just be fixed by money.
I agree with Bradley V. So many are frustrated with this country they don't believe we are doing anything. In all reality we are the ones doing the most work. The catch is that we are one of the only ones doing it. We have the means to feed everyone but we need to be less wasteful.
It is always nice to see when a group of people are willing to do what they can. It is a sad fact that most people wait until a natural disaster to help out but it seems to be the best time. We can definitely help others. A favorite site of mine to help is You can easily go to this website and donate large amounts of rice while having fun answering questions. Its completely free to you and for every question you answer right they give 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. Go and DONATE!
The problem in Haiti is large and I was hoping to figure what are the ways for us to help that can't really make it down there. I have heard many stories about people going down there to help but I don't have the time due to I'm a full time student in college. I want to help but there aren't many sites out that allows you to contribute something more than just clicking a button. I don't feel like that is action enough. That's just me, i don't pass judgement on others. Spread the WORD END HUNGER!
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Jan 20, 2011