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Don Engebretson
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Thanks to all Ranters for the comments and feedback concerning this year's awards, they are always appreciated. Need to comment on one perception however; interesting to see the interpretation by one Rant reader of the friendly nod I give Ace. I don't believe I reported that Ace "has turned on Scotts." Of course Ace still sells Scotts. But Ace has also developed their own private label lawn fertilizer. And, as I quoted verbatim from the Ace flyer, Ace actually made a decision to begin explaining lawn fertilization rates factually--to my knowledge, an industry first. Will it apply to every Ace salesperson and every store and Ace is my new hero? Of course not. But it's a start, a small victory in a small battle within a large, long war. That's all I wanted to say, and all, I believe, I said. RENEGADE GARDENER
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Agree with George Ball, but more with Antigonum. Vegetable gardens are perhaps three percent the answer to childhood obesity; parents being good parents, ninety-seven percent. Actually more like one-hundred percent the answer, as doing vegetable gardening with your kids would be good parenting ... along with limiting TV and video games, cooking decent meals, kicking the kids outside to play. RENEGADE GARDENER
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Jan 6, 2011