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Tom Patterson
Chairman and Founder of Tinker
Interests: Some have described me as a psychology junkie and others have called me a Searcher. I’ve been honored to be able to coach and advise some incredible CEO’s and Entrepreneurs formally and informally. Our conversations span the range of topics but most always are about the ups and downs of this wonderful journey we face in life. In my free time I am a CEO, an entrepreneur, and an investor who loves starting and growing technology organizations. I’m a student of sports and have had experience as a college athlete and a competitive martial artist. Some of my greatest reflection moments have come in the activities of surfing, yoga, international travels in nature, collecting and enjoying wine and most importantly being in the presence of the one’s I love. The purpose of this blog is to share insights that are personally meaningful to me in the hope we can start a discussion about the journey as entrepreneur's and CEO's. These observations come from the filter in which I’ve been able to see the patterns in the world but they are only one man’s view. Your opinion is very welcome and encouraged. With gratitude, Tom