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I, like Thebravetart, am usually the only girl in my local Gamestop because--around here in Hillbilly Hell, PA--the idea of a girl playing games is as alien as the idea of teeth. The last time I was in there, I was perusing the Lego games while clasping the last copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and one of the Bros (Redneck Edition) in there sidled up to me and leered, "So, buying something nice for you kids?" He spotted Batman and added, "And your man?" Oh, how I wish for a Taser sometimes.
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I watched this with my 4 year old in my lap and we both laughed hysterically. Actual quote: "Mommy, he's cute!" Not sure which one of you she's referring to though. ;)
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Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl this year. Could you please wrap up Wil Wheaton and put him under the tree for me? I promise my husband won't mind. Thanks In other news, loved the episode. Huz and I snapped "Dammit, Hardison!" at each other for about an hour after the show was over.
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I love reading about you and Anne with your adorable-y gross cuteness. And I'm totally stealing "I have. . .comments." Classic.
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Oh, Wil, I adore you. Really, I do. But I think you need to get a hobby. Perhaps you and Anne can play some Scrabble?
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Whenever you get romantic about your life, I just smile. What a sweet man. What a sweet husband. You make me want to grab my husband's hand and run in the rain . . . plus, it intensifies my schoolgirl crush on you 10-fold.
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Oct 2, 2010
Wil, I've known you're a HPOA for years. As for quitting w00tstock, please don't scare me like that. Just convinced non-geek hubby that going to the next show closest to us would be beyond super-rad. Of course, now I have to go to a slew of hockey and football games with him this winter as part of the compromise. :/
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Jun 3, 2010