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People can be free to say whatever like. You don't have to *pay them to say it*. Basically... Fred Phelps.
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Okay melbourne here... My absolute favourite alley (and I call them alleys) is Heffernan La. It runs between Lt Bourke St and Lonsdale St. You can probably find it on a map easier than I can describe it. It's *amazing* please please go. There are a whole lot of bizarre and wonderful signs and IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE I SWEAR. For food: Breakfast: hit up the belgian waffle stand near the exit of Flinders St station on Degraves St. Delicious! Lunch: Don Dons on Swanston St just south of Melbourne Central. They do a fabulous tofu curry and you will not get faster service anywhere on earth - it's incredible. Grab it for takeaway and cross the road and eat on the lawns outside the State Library (assuming the weather warms up the way they claim it will!!) *OR* there are loads of wonderful cafes on Degraves St in the city! Dinner: check out the Moroccan Soup Bar in North Fitzroy. All Vegetarian, easy to make vegan. no physical menu (they deliver it verbally as it's different every day). Very much an experience and (I'm told - not suited to my digestive system which basically doesn't approve of food) super delicious! *OR* Lygon Street! That's where the locals go for italian food. Totos is a famous one but not that great in my opinion. I'm a big fan of La Notte. Desert: You can't go past Casa Del Gelato on Lygon Street (actually there are loads of great Gelati places on Lygon Street, it's that kind of area). Delicious gelati and there are quite a number of really yummy soy-based options at Casa Del (I don't remember if you guys are fans of dairy). My favourite flavour is Jasmine. It tastes like soap (and yet, still my favourite flavour!)
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