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Pamela, I am just surprised by your aversion to Brighton Beach. 99% of the "Russians" there are Jews, like you and I. Many of them are from Odessa, like I am. And they are all patriotic Americans who probably agree with everything you say. Eric, a. k. a. Eric-Odessit.
Armaros, Abkhazia is not Muslim. They are Christian Orthodox, just like the Russians, the Georgians and the Ossetians. Another side note. In the 80s Palestinians trained by the Soviets to fight the Israelis would often show up in Afghanistan and fight the Soviets. Both US and the Soviet Union, and now Russia, live under delusion that we somehow can control the jihadi monster. We can't. The sooner we all realize it the better it will be for the civilized world. Eric.
OK, here is the translation (no, I am not using AltaVista: I speak Russian): Second to last photo: Warsaw Ghetto, 1942. (From left to right) Jewish policeman, two Jews and a German guard. Last photo: Jewish Ghetto in Lodz. Mayor Rumkowski (a Jew) makes a speech to the Jewish policemen. The Russian word "Starosta" used in the caption means a mayor of a small town or village. Rumkowski was the head of the German-appointed Jewish Council (Judenrat): Thus, his position was effectively that of a mayor of the Ghetto in Lodz. Pamela, why do you have these pictures of the Jewish collaborators in the post about islamic Nazis? Judging by the captions from the Russian site, the Russian author is probably an anti-Semite and was probably trying to claim that the Jews were cooperating with the Nazis. Someone sure forgot to ask my relatives. In the future, if you ever need translations from Russian, please feel free to send them to me. Eric.
I am all for praising the guy, but why does the world need to know about this? Is he safe and out of reach for Hamas? Eric.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2010 on The Good Son at Atlas Shrugs
What scares me is the potential election choice between Obama and Ron Paul. What do we do then? Eric.
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2010 on The Anti-CPAC Conservative at Atlas Shrugs
Interestingly enough, Mussolini actually protected the Italian Jews from the Nazis. So did the Italian generals in occupied Yugoslavia and Greece. Today Alessandra Mussolini is one of the most pro-Israel politicians in Europe. Of course, Mussolini's domestic policies have lots of similarities to those of Obama. But that is a different subject all together. Eric.
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Wow, what a sad news! My condolences to Mr. Frumkin's family. Eric.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2009 on Si Frumkin Dies at 78 at Jewish Russian Telegraph