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I just got off of a 2 week book tour and you couldn't be more right. Visiting schools and Boys & Girls Clubs, I saw...real close up like...almost too entire generation of attitude and entitlement-filled kids. So lazy and infatuated with becoming famous. I don't think they have the slightest idea as to what being famous is all about. Yeah, sure...the money's good...and that table in the tough-to-get table restaurant is nice, but there is a HUGE loss of freedom to being a 'famous person.' Remember the days when you could slip into a movie and not be bothered or stared at? Remember the days when your entire life wasn't under a microscope? Remember the days when one wrong move meant headlines? The sad fact of the "I hate my job" generation is they are in for a CRASH AND BURN AWAKENING. No education. No skills. What? No more money from Mom & Dad?
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Feb 2, 2011