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Mike, congratulations. Very nice post and one I am sure was not easy to write. Keep up your good work. All the best Eric
Mike, I have been following your posts on the 35 mm lens or equilvant version of 23 mm on the Fuji platform. I love the 35/23 focal length but also love the 50/35 focal length. I have the Fuji 35 which lives on my XT2 and the X100f which has the 35/23 on it. Over the years my best shots where done with one of those two focal lengths. As I get older I sure appreciate the small lighter versions that Fuji produces. At one point I owned the Nikon 1.4 35 mm lens which I used on several FF Nikons. It produced some terrific IQ but was way too heavy to be considered a walk around lens. I still own my big iron but seem to use my Fuji gear more and more. Keep it up Fuji and keep up the good writing and topics. They seem so relevant to me now for some reason. All the best Eric
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2017 on The Snout-Nosed Fujicrons at The Online Photographer
Mike, I really like Sony. I had a Sony computer once and probably would have bought another but sadly they don't make computers anymore. I had a Sony TV and liked it, but they don't make TVs anymore. Big diverse companies like Sony all live by ROIs ( return on Investment). Sony seems to have a bad habit of leaving an industry when things become too competitive. Not saying that Sony will be gone but with all their development costs to introduce a new camera so frequently the ROIs may not be what the share holders expect. With that said I agree with you, I believe there will be consoladition within the industry. Fuji/Nikon type of consolidation. It may be good for the photographers in the end.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2017 on Scary Future at The Online Photographer
Mike, the first image just begs for a longer focal length. Stay with one camera and buy a few lenses. It is a great subject and wonderful light but you need to be closer. Who said to take a better picture get closer. With this image it is true. Enjoy your weekend.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2017 on Open Mike: Skychaser at The Online Photographer
Mike, the only difference an average image and a great image is the light. The top image is a good composition but dull light. Go back and take the image again in early morning or early evening light and I bet you would have your " keeper". I try and take pictures of the same subjects at varying times of day and the difference is striking. Light as they say, is everything.
Mike, I really liked what you had to say today and what Roger said. My favorite lens photographically is the Nikon 24-70 f2.8. It just provides the best images I have ever taken; however I rarely use it lately since I got the small Fuji camera, because the lens and FF Nikon are too big and heavy. I find that despite the fact that the Fuji does not produce the quality of images that my Nikon does it still goes with me 90 percent of the time. I simply make it work. You make the lens and camera you have do the work you need done. Photoshop and Lightroom do help a lot but most lenses today are really "good enough".
Mike, first I do hope you feel better. I like your comment about the snow. I live in Columbus, Ohio and we rarely get much snow. We only got a dusting with this last storm. I, like you, really like a good snow for a lot of reasons. Most of which are photo opportunities and natural beauty that come with a storm. Many of my friends run to Florida in the winter and can't understand how I can enjoy winter as I do. Maybe it's my Swedish heritage but there is nothing like the magic of a winter day. Enjoy your fine snow, and get healthy.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2017 on Blog Notes: Under Weather at The Online Photographer
Mike, Happy Birthday, just turned 70 myself this year so I completely understand the anxiety of getting older. The good news is we made it this far, the bad news is we are older. Do as I do and look at each day/year as a gift to be saviored and not to be wasted. I always remind myself of that whenever I feel bored. Still lots to accomplish and more pictures to take and process. Enjoy the years ahead and carry a camera. Eric
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2017 on Open Mike: I Rock! at The Online Photographer
Mike, I didn't include my favorite camera because I am trading it in tomorrow on a new model. It is the Fuji X100s which I am trading on the new F. I have had the S for 2+ years and take it everywhere I go. I am optimistic that the new F will be as good and as loved as the S. My main comment is that there are very few DSLR that are loved as much as small-portable cameras. Maybe it is just that your readership loves the small cameras rather than the larger ones or the smaller cameras are just with us all more often. Interesting question and topic for a future article. Great post. All the best. Eric
Mike, Great read, he writes a good analysis of prime vs zoom lenses. Most of my photography is travel, and thus I tend to gravitate to zoom lens; however when I look at my wall, and think about which lens I used on which image, I find that most of my best work was done with a prime lens. It can be difficult to change lenses when you are traveling in challenging conditions. Also one does not want to burden his back with a lot of glass. So with that said, I just rented the 18-135 Fuji lens from lens rental to see if it will work. I know it will not be in the same league with my 16-50 f 2.8 fuji lens, but it may replace the 55-200 and 16-50 on future trips along with the beautiful 35 f2 fuji lens. I always carry a prime where ever I go, they truly offer better IQ. Thanks again for directing us to the article. Eric
Mike, I had to jump in here because I like one your other readers are a big fan of audio books. I used to drive 30-40000 miles a year in my car and I would go through about an audio book a week. It was a great way to use the time. My favorite thing was to read a book and then listen to it. Many times it was a different book listening than reading. One of my favorite authors is your friend John Camp/ Sandford. I have read and listened to every one of his books, just love his characters. The best books to listen to are the ones with southern characters the actors reading them make them come alive. Another great author is James Lee Burke, if you haven't read him I would encourage you to do so. I still love audio books even though I am retired I still get them. Just finished Blue Highway, a book I read 30 years ago but you reminded me of it. It was a different book this time. Thanks for the great column on reading.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2017 on Engage at The Online Photographer
Mike, even if you did not have a great year, your blog made my year so much richer. It is much more than photography. I just pickup Blue Highways, a book I read 30 years ago, but forgot, and am enjoying it much more the second time around. I have written down several book titles from the comment section of this post that need to be read in 2017. Thanks so very much for all your thoughtful comments about photography or life, and I hope your 2017 is better. All the best.
Mike, couldn't the same be said of Nikon. I have been waiting for years for a real Nikon Mirrorless camera. Thankfully my Fuji works as a real substitute and the new XT2 looks like the "real deal" I don't own it yet, but may sell the "Big Iron" and replace it with the Fuji XT2.
Mike, I just checked my pay pal account and it appears that you took some money out in both May and June, but not July. I assume you take the $6 out on a monthly basis. I keep a few dollars in the account just to pay you,and maybe some small things at B and H. Just wanted to give you a heads up. If you would rather charge by the year, I would be fine with that just let myself or us as a group know. All the best.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2016 on Site SNAFU at The Online Photographer
Mike, when the D500 camera was first introduced, my local camera store called and wanted me to come in and look at the D500. I spent a little time in the store with the camera along with the 16-80 lens. I have to admit the size of the camera was similar to my current D750. However, with the smaller lens, the whole package was smaller than my D750 and 24-120 lens. It was attractive for travel. In the end, I decided I just wasn't ready to give up my full frame sensor yet. When I travel I take my Fuji gear, which I love, but when I have to do a shoot that is important and I want to make sure I have some quality images I reach for the D 750 and either the 24-120 or the 24-70. The latter is the best lens,camera combination I have ever shot. It just flat out works. As a life long Nikon shooter that is just my opinion. All the best and I hope this week is better for you than last week.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2016 on Any Love for the D500? at The Online Photographer
Mike, I shot Olympus for about two years but always felt the sensor was too small. I did love the Leica/Pany lens that would work on the camera and took some really good pictures with the EM1 and the Leica combination. I would encourage you to stick with the Fuji, and use a tripod more. They are really cheap and light now. With Fuji you can just turn up the ISO a bit, and shoot at a faster shutter speed. You will be amazed how much better your pictures will turn out. If that fails add a light on top of the camera and light-up the subject. Just a suggestion. I am done with GAS and trying to ignore all the noise out there about new products. I will continue to use my Fuji and Nikon gear until it breaks, or becomes obsolete. Good Luck.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2016 on Sentence: Back to Olympus at The Online Photographer
Mike, a wise teacher of mine told me once that the hardest thing about being good is you have to prove it every day. He was right, of course. It still doesn't make easier, but it helps. With that said I would love to be able to shoot an 85, let alone a 62. But I don't make a living playing golf, just a hobby.
Mike, Excellent post. I couldn't agree with you more. I have recently gone through a purging of the gear shed and am trying to resist re-stocking it with another brand and just focus on the art of Photography. That is what is important. I love the idea of buying a cheap lens on Ebay and just trying it for awhile to see how it performs. If you don't like it, you could probably sell it for what you paid for it, and be no worse off. We would all be better off using the extra money we spend on gear taking a photo trip, or buying a book rather than a new lens. Thanks for reminder. Also Happy Belated Birthday, you are about to enter the best years of your life. I have really enjoyed the 60's, just stay healthy.
Toggle Commented Feb 29, 2016 on Change Your Head at The Online Photographer
Mike, quick suggestion drop the pool table, and set up a 501 c(3) a not for profit charitable corporation for educational purposes, and then fund the gallery from Kickstarter. It sounds like a wonderful idea, and you probably could get some of the local business leaders and public officials involved in the idea to make a true "public purpose" out of the concept. You would save money in lots of ways from both a tax standpoint and maybe some additional grant funds. I could see a place for art lectures and exhibits as well as classroom work. Maybe you could enlist the local community college in the process. Just a suggestion.
Mike, great review. I have been eyeing this lens ever since I have pared down my Nikon lens collection to fund my Fuji glass. I still need at least one good general prime lens and find the 35mm focal length, the perfect choice for much of my work. I love this type of review, no charts, just a "real world" way to look a the lens. Thanks again for all your good work.
Mike Just spent way too much time reading this article, and I have to admit it is some fine scholarship. It took a lot of digging and determination to get this story. I would encourage anyone interested in the history of Photography to take the time to read it. It is both sad and interesting at the same time.
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2016 on Vivian von Maier? at The Online Photographer
Mike this is an excellent comparison between the D500 and the Fuji with the same size sensor. In addition, Fuji has developed some very fine prime lenses for the XT-1, and Nikon has virtually abandoned the DX prime market. It makes no sense to switch from a Fuji to a Nikon DX. I had a D300 and like a lot of folks wanted to upgrade with DX but went for the D700 instead that lead to a D800 and ultimately a D750. A great camera to be sure but too large and bulky for travel. Thus the Fuji XT-1 with a couple primes fit perfectly into a small camera bag and stores nicely under a seat in an airplane. Thanks for the comparison you cured my GAS for the Nikon D500. All the best in 2016
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2016 on Your Inner 10-Year-Old at The Online Photographer
Mike, thanks for your good words in 2015. You taught me a lot, all the best in 2016 and keep the words coming. Eric
Toggle Commented Jan 1, 2016 on Here's to Another... at The Online Photographer
Mike, my favorite Fuji lens is the 10-24 f4. It is an incredible lens, solidly built and tack sharp. I would recommend this lens to any Fuji shooter. I just bought the new 35 f2 lens for my XT-1 and I think I will really like the lens. I did read that we need to have the most current firmware on the camera for it to work properly. The most recent firmwear is 4.1, this is just an FYI to your readers. I just updated my firmwear today, very easy upgrade. Just an aside it appears that Fuji is really paying attention to camera issues, this is the second upgrade since I bought the camera several months ago. Maybe Nikon should take note, I am not sure they had a firmwear update for awhile.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2015 on Favorite Fuji Lenses at The Online Photographer
Mike, I don't know if you live in an area that can burn your leaves? In my town, it is not allowed for environmental reasons, not sure exactly what those are, but I grew up with burning leaves, and really miss the smell. It is not Fall without the wonderful smell of burning leaves. Hope you can enjoy the smells of Fall along with the sounds of leafblowers and lawnmowers. For those of us lucky enough to live in the northern climes we know what is next-Snowblowers. Good luck