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Mike, interesting post. I read Dillard book about 30 years ago and can't remember much of it except that I liked it. I may put it on the iPad and try it again. Really enjoy the posts on what you are reading, and glad you are not reading all photo books. Books like hers provide an eye toward life that we should appreciate and savior.
Mike, thanks for all your posts in 2014, I don't know if I am a better photographer as a result of your insights, but I sure did enjoy all your writing this year. Good luck with the move, they are never fun, and have a Happy and safe New Year.
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Mike, I just needed to add my two cents to the discussion. I have rented and used the Fuji XT1 series camera and really liked it. It was light, portable and easy to use. I tested and reviewed the files and compared them to my files from my OMD EM1 and could not see a difference. Maybe it was just me, and maybe I didn't want to see any difference, because I really love the little Oly camera. Especially when I attach the Panasonic 25 to its front. It is really all that I need to have a fun day of shooting. I took it on a major trip this summer and the whole kit including a 17mm lens, 25mm and a 12-40 lens weighed less than 4 lbs. That was less than my D800 with a 24-120 lens weighted. I have since added the 45mm and will take that kit with me from now on when I travel. Just wanted to put forth my opinion to the group discussion. Your blog is great, and the comments are always insightful and interesting, you have some great followers. Have a great Holiday and a Happy and successful New Year.
Mike and Peter, Excellent article. This is the type of article I love, and the reason I stop by your site. I know there have been some real good values on cameras recently, and I know you need to have folks buy through your site, which I try and do as often as I purchase gear, but this is photography, not the gear. Thanks for the interesting articles in 2014. Have a great Holiday season, and a healthy and safe 2015.
Mike, you deserve a weekend off, enjoy, and if you are sick get well.
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Mike, excellent essay as usual. A code of life we can all live by. But oh so hard to do. Thanks for your words of wisdom, hope you feel better tomorrow. Eric
Mike, take care of yoursellf. We would be lost without you. Maybe you should back a way from your coffee a bit, and you might feel better. I love coffee as well, but too much is not a healthy. More Coleman and less time in front of a computer. Eric
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Mike, love your blog and follow it every day. I am also a d800 shooter. I own or have owned most of the lenses on the recommended list, including the 85 and 35 1.4 g models. My favorite lens bar none is the 24-120 f 4 gold ring model. I sold my 24-70 f2.8 after I did some personal testing. This lens along with the 50 is my favorite travel companion, my wife excluded.
Mike, you will love the camera. I have had mine since spring and have approximately 5000 clicks on it so far. I generally shoot with a 24-120 or the 28-300 and like them both. The camera makes the whole process easy and you will love the images. Please post your progress with the camera as well as images, as you move along. Good luck. Eric
Mike, I have both the lenses you referred to the 35/1.4 and 85/1.4, and love them both; however, when I got the D 800 (no E), I also purchased the 28-300 lens. I have to tell you that is a terrific lens, and generally the one I carry with me when I shoot. Especially when I go out to the woods to shoot nature and such. I would strongly recommend the lens on the d800 or d800E. You wouldn't be disappointed.
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Mike, thanks, this was an inspiring article. I have been struggling with several themes this past year and nothing has hit, but I feel better knowing that I am not alone in not finding the "perfect"theme. Eric
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Mike, good luck with the diet, I have been struggling with weight loss for several years now. I will say, that long walks are the best, just carry a camera, and enjoy the late summer weather. and get exercise at the same time. It does help. Eric
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