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I'm repeating some advice others have given, but it's worth repeating. The 3 most important things are: 1 Sanitize 2 Sanitize 3 Sanitize Seriously. Other than that, try to relax and don't get too stressed about it. People have been making drinkable beer for a very long time, since before the invention of thermometers or microscopes, or the discovery of microorganisms. You're following a proven recipe and using good yeast. As long as you sanitize, you'll end up with a decent beer. Homebrew stores are generally pretty friendly and helpful places. From what you said, it sounds like you found a particularly good one. If you run into problems you can probably give them a call. Joy of Homebrewing is a good book as far as general process and the "Relax, don't worry" attitude, but older editions should be taken with a grain of salt, especially the recipes. Hopefully newer editions have been updated. I have a couple books by Dave Miller that are also good. If your tap water tastes funky, do something about that... Mine is heavily chlorinated, but otherwise pretty good, so I use a charcoal filter. Bottled water would also work. As others have said, watch the boiling wort like a hawk. It WILL try to boil over. The fermenter may also bubble over, so keep it somewhere like the kitchen where you can clean up. Keep the fermenter dark. I used to wrap a bath towel around it. (Light causes hops to produce a skunky flavor.) I used to put my bottles in the dishwasher for a final rinse/sanitize cycle as someone else mentioned. But if you run a rinse cycle MAKE SURE there's no rinse aid in the diswasher, it would probably be bad for the beer's head. Even if you don't add detergent, there may still be a rinse-aid reservoir in the dishwasher. I highly recommend filling the bottles over the open dishwasher door. The door will catch most of the spills and then all you have to do for cleanup is close the door. I second the recommendations to keep a log. Some people have recommended kegs and big outdoor burners. Both *excellent* suggestions, but I would brew a few batches first and see how you like it, before you go on a spending spree.
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Jul 9, 2011