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/agree with all the people mentioning this all belongs on the smtp server, not the code level. While the things you listed in your blog post are all good to do, they really are the minimum. Lots of people have mentioned more things to take into consideration. One thing i haven't seen mentioned yet is proper use of mime in email messages. And this is something that you would control at the client level. Basically if you are going to be sending HTML in your email, you need to provide a plain text version as well, don't just send the HTML. If you browse the forums you will see hundreds of posts where people are suggesting to do something like MailMessage.IsBodyHtml = true; That is incorrect, the body should be text/plain and the html version should be added as an alternate view. When you do this, the recievers email client will automatically pick the right version, and the recievers email server will be less likely to reject your message to begin with. @Meyerweb in regards to how ptr relates to spf records. spf records are basically a listing of ip addresses that are authorized to send email from a domain. When you see the ptr token in the spf record it is basically a short cut for saying "the ip address indicated in the ptr record is allowed to send email for this domain"
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Apr 23, 2010