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Eric Mesa
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This post comes at the perfect time. I've been wondering - given how easy it is to code in QML (I've already made 2 useful programs - more than I ever made in any GUI code) - how hard would it be for me to interact with all the akonadi resources (leveraging your awesome coding skills) to create a custom GUI? I love Choqok, but let's say I wanted to recreate the look and feel of Tweetdeck. Would that be trivial? Would I just be accessing some akonadi APIs? I'll send you an email as well to make sure I get an answer, but figured it might be a good question for everyone to see.
Sounds pretty awesome. Is there an ability to mount my Glacier onto a Unix computer for transparent backups?
At first I was worried - we already have the awesome Choqok to do this. (Although up until now Choqok doesn't have Facbeook integration) The news that it will have Choqok plugins is awesome. It's like the KParts mentality which is one of the best things about KDE. Keep up the good work!
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Jun 22, 2012