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Has to be done... I like dat Boon-boo-ree, I like dat Boon-boo-ree!!! Although - I agree that probably Holden would be my guy. He seems comfortable in the moment...should've had a late goal on Sunday too.
Seriously - after not qualifying for Euro '08, and finishing behind us in Group Play in WC, what has England really done to deserve that lofty ranking?
After watching Villa's midfield look outmatched and ineffectual, despite a pretty solid game from Jean Makoun...I think Bradley will certainly get some starts. The idea that he's ONLY for cover is laughable. Petrov and Reo-Coker are likely both gone at the end of the Houllier will need to see what he might have in Bradley, should he choose to buy. Tactically - I think Villa needs to have Agbonlahor and Bent in the attack...with Young on the wing. Much more dangerous when doing that.
Ives - BBC just reported that Reading have signed US player, Erik Opsahl...looks like he was at St. John's this past year? Any insight?
BBC's David Ornstein reporting that Houllier told him Bradley is a "done deal". Just now not the "Clear the medical" kind of done deal...
Anyone besides me feel like that was kind of a soft red on Dawson? Guessing maybe it was a cumulative reward for causing the original PK and general crappiness in giving the ball away twice in his own end?
Although - if he ever decides to switch football codes - the London Sillynannies would be a perfect fit.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2011 on Bradley on the verge of a move at Soccer By Ives
Between Heerenveen, Borussia Monchengladbacch, and now's pretty clear that MB90 only likes clubs with long, silly sounding names. So - until Kidderminster Harriers or Havant & Waterlooville make it to the Premiere League, I can safely assume we won't be seeing him in England...sadly, West Bromwich Albion isn't silly enough.
Toggle Commented Jan 28, 2011 on Bradley on the verge of a move at Soccer By Ives
As someone pointed out on Twitter this week - Spurs is paying a ton of money in salary to Gallas. With all their injury issues at CB, you'd think they'd take a flyer on a bargain, quality, defender like Jay.
It was a pleasant surprise to see Stu in the middle, and his team win convincingly. If he's comfortable there, it might be time with us to with the en vogue 4-2-3-1 formation with a midfield of: Dempsey--------Holden----------Donovan ----------Edu----------Bradley-------
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
@ whb - my thoughts exactly. Although, some of those have an SAP button you can push...
@ timF - there have been 2 EPL openings Post-World Cup...Bob has been mentioned as a candidate for both. Sounds like folks who know way more about soccer than you rate his abilities much higher than you do.
No one said "bring our entire U20 team" - did you read my post? We had several guys show very well in that tournament, though - and a few of them are either based domestically in MLS, or even in college...which means they aren't even playing right now. Why not give those kind of guys (Ibrahim, Agudelo, Valentin, etc.) a chance to train...if even for a day...with our senior guys? It's no less ridiculous than flying a bunch of dudes over from Europe, right before their seasons start...
Thanks. Within reason, of course...some of the MLS or Mexico based guys would be good. If someone is fighting for a spot in Europe - let them be.
Hey, genius - how old was our only striker that started every game at the World Cup? 20 How many players 20 or younger did Brazil call in for this? 6! What's really dumb is thinking that no one calls in guys who are younger than 21 to their National Team...and then posting something retarded like your last comment.
Would've liked to see some of the kids who did well in The Milk Cup U20s get a look...but glad that we can finally see Jones, and I hope Sacha's early success with Anderlecht can translate a little here.
Couldn't he just go back to Benfica and fight for a spot?
Wow...Big CB Agbossomounde scoring on a low FK. Love that!
Ives - I'm to the point now where I'd be happy with either situation. I think a US manager in Europe, if succesful, would be huge for us. Not just for future coaching opportunities, but even for the possibility of more of our coaches training and learning over there, and bringing that knowledge back here. As far as him going through a 2nd cycle with the US - I think he's shown no qualms about playing young guys, and isn't entirely set in his ways, unlike Arena '06. I don't think he'd repeat the mistakes he made this time around...and would continue to develop young talent.
Ummm - isn't a little uncouth for the Commissioner of the League to be wearing a specific team's scarf? Just sayin'...
Where are the reports that Bob has "fallen away"? Does that mean they decided they didn't want him?
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Jul 13, 2010