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eric silverman
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Re: The demands on the author's time This is what happens when you attempt to contact Josh through the Forrester Media Dept. "Hi Eric, Thank you for the invitation to interview Groundswell co-author Josh Bernoff. Unfortunately, Josh is very busy writing the follow-up to Groundswell and has little time for these types of activities. I’m afraid we’ll have to respectfully decline your invitation. Regards, Jon Symons Director, Media Relations Forrester Research" Now, know, Josh received my unsolicted invite as I'm putting together a greenspace community and had some questions. The response is appropriately worded on face, but note the inference. No, it's not the tone. Tone is impossible to ascertain from email. But you can't mistake the 'I don't have time for the little people' mentality, and wonder why an author who espouses listening and talking to your audience has been assigned a corporate gatekeeper to protect the asset from the multitudes. Everyone is busy. I've got a family, too. But this guy apparently doesn't have one minute to respond to a reader's query. Takeaway: Groundswell cuts both ways, folks. I look forward to the follow up. Sincerely yours, Eric J. Silverman
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Jan 24, 2010