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We economists have traditionally made innumerable criticisms of the inefficiency of various policies, criticisms which have often been to their own (and my own) utter satisfaction. The meager success of these criticisms in changing these policies, I am convinced, stems from the fact that more than narrow efficiency has been... Continue reading
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Nevertheless it is necessary to remember that there is a wider Teleology, which is not touched by the doctrine of Evolution, but is actually based upon the fundamental proposition of Evolution. That proposition is, that the whole world, living and not living, is the result of the mutual interaction, according... Continue reading
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Perhaps it would be best if you imagined it as your own fancy bids, assuming it will rise to the occasion, for certainly I cannot suit you all. For instance, how about technology? I think that there would be no cars or helicopters in and above the streets; this follows... Continue reading
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...I anticipated that it would provide a view of what the publishing elixir consists in according to journal editors and successful authors. Alas, I left that session no more enlightened than before I entered. What was particularly disorienting to me was the degree to which those in the know did... Continue reading
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In Eudoxia, which spreads both upward and down, with winding alleys, steps, dead ends, hovels, a carpet is preserved in which you can observe the city's true form. At first sight nothing seems to resemble Eudoxia less than the design of that carpet, laid out in symmetrical motives whose patterns... Continue reading
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Not everyone is master of his own affairs. Chiefs and leaders who are masters of the affairs of men are few in comparison with the rest. As a rule, man must by necessity be dominated by someone else. If the domination is kind and just and the people under it... Continue reading
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[1] But they report (and there remains good marks of it to make it credible) that this was no island at first, but a part of the continent. Utopus, that conquered it (whose name it still carries, for Abraxa was its first name), brought the rude and uncivilised inhabitants into... Continue reading
Posted Oct 10, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
For example, al-Mas'udi and many other historians report that Moses counted the army of the Israelites in the desert. He had all those able to carry arms, especially those twenty years and older, pass muster. There turned out to be 600,000 or more. In this connection, (al-Mas'udi) forgets to take... Continue reading
Posted Oct 9, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Their buildings are good, and are so uniform that a whole side of a street looks like one house. The streets are twenty feet broad; there lie gardens behind all their houses. These are large, but enclosed with buildings, that on all hands face the streets, so that every house... Continue reading
Posted Oct 8, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
(1) The refereeing institutions of philosophy are vulnerable to fraud. This is something I have been blogging about since September 23, 2010; in one my first dedicated post for NewAPPS I wrote: The world of Renaissance and Early Modern philosophy and scholarship has been shaken by the "Martin Stone case"....... Continue reading
Posted Oct 5, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Since for everything that has come into being destruction is appointed, not even such a fabric as this will abide for all time, but it shall surely be dissolved, and this is the manner of its dissolution. Not only for plants that grow from the earth but also for animals... Continue reading
Posted Oct 4, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Someone might say: If the existence of this city [kallipolis] can only come about if people such as these happen to exist, and their existing with these qualities [is contingent on] their having grown up in this city, why then there is no way in this city can come into... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
It is often remarked that in the American system of governance, the supreme court has evolved to be a kind of super-legislature with a small number of exceedingly influential judges having life-time tenure. (If you google <"supreme court" super-legislature> yet get almost ten million hits.) If one takes the thought... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Lectures prepared beforehand and spouted in the presence of a throng have in them more noise but less intimacy. Philosophy is good advice; and no one can give advice at the top of his lungs. Of course we must sometimes also make use of these harangues, if I may so... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
§3. they say, that there lay, not far from this our Island, another Great Island very fertile and well peopled; which was then govern'd by a Prince of a Proud and Jealous Disposition: he had a Sister of exquisite Beauty, which he confin'd and restrain'd from Marriage, because he could... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Daniel, I did not offer an argument [it's a footnote after all--and others have already done so], but I did claim -- and this you ignore notably -- that in addition to legal protections there is a demand for recognition at the heart of the transgender rights movement. And given that I claimed to be a *wholehearted supporter* it follows that I can't pass on the demand for recognition. (If you want to pick and choose in your support for trans rights, feel free to start your own blog and explain why; this blog is not the place for that.) You simply ignore the demand for recognition, and from what you say it seems you don't grasp its nature. I find the rest of your comment truly peculiar. Within the last decade we have seen a dramatic shift in how 'marriage' is used (that counts as a 'fundamental' term in any polity)--this was due neither to science nor, initially to common usage, but due to a mixture of political and cultural action, legal contestation, and practices that ran ahead of meaning.
Copulation ought not to be permitted them [the guardians] whenever they wish and with whomever they wish, since we wish that this activity be human among them and that their copulations not be of any chance character. The arrangement of their procreation will be the best possible with respect to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 27, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Daniel, I don't think the position is one of logical/conceptual entailment. And I have not offered an argument or defense for that, or explained why I changed my mind. But in brief: trans activists are campaigning for formal recognition of who they are. And to withhold support for such recognition is -- as I came to realize -- not wholehearted support for transgender rights.
[A] So we affirm definitely that whenever the conclusion of a demonstration is in conflict with the apparent meaning of Scripture, that apparent meaning admits of allegorical interpretation according to the rules for such interpretation in Arabic. [B] This proposition is questioned by no Muslim and doubted by no believer.... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
During the past year professional philosophers have struggled with controversies pertaining to transgender issues (recall the Tuvel/Hypatia affaire here and here; and again involving language in journal articles [recall my piece on the open letter to the editors of PPR at Dailynous here;] the debate between Talia Mae Bettcher and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 24, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Theresa May has been left fighting to defend her Chequers plan and her authority as PM after EU leaders bluntly declared her proposals would not work. Emmanuel Macron poured fuel on the fire, calling Brexiters “liars” for telling the public Britain could easily leave the EU and save money. The... Continue reading
Posted Sep 21, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
Yesterday, I noted that according to Socrates the Kallipolis has permanent natural would-be-friends and permanent, natural would-be-enemies (see also the long quote from the Republic). Inserted in this analysis is his a call for the natural would-be-friends to treat each other with (what we might call) humanity in war and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
[I]f we are at all concerned to preserve friendly relations with the other Greeks. Rather we shall fear that there is pollution in bringing such offerings to the temples from our kind unless in a case where the god bids otherwise...And in the matter of devastating the land of Greeks... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
The fear is not of being laughed at, for that is childish, but, lest, missing the truth, I fall down and drag my friends with me in matters where it most imports not to stumble....For, indeed, I believe that involuntary homicide is a lesser fault than to mislead opinion about... Continue reading
Posted Sep 18, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions
While complaining about Socrates, Thrasymachus claims that "it's easier to ask questions than to answer them." (Republic 336b) The claim seems self-evident because answers seem to be preceded by questions and we are all familiar with questions that have not been answered. In addition, it can huge take huge amount... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2018 at Digressions&Impressions