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Eric Stirpe
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Sadly, haters gonna hate... I feel like the haters are being particularly loud against this one; not sure why. I've always trusted your opinion on media, so I think I might ignore the critics and go check this one out now! (I've also never seen the original Thing and now have plans to Netflix it tonight because of your endorsement... so go ahead and put two points in your Victory Book for the day. :P)
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Oh lord there is so much truth here. Especially this bit: -- "So, hear me now: Sometimes, you're going to have an awesome idea that just doesn't fit into the story, and you have to let it go. It's still awesome, and you should keep it in a file for something else, but you could make yourself crazy trying to force it into a scene that clearly doesn't need it." -- Nothing more keyboard-throwingly painful than realizing you need to throw out an idea you've spent the last week shoehorning in. I find that it happens a LOT with characters... Example: "But this character! He's so fun to write! He does all these cool things! Who cares that he doesn't have any resolution?" And into the Graveyard of Characters™ he goes... Hopefully I can still resurrect him (as a zombie?) and give him his own tale someday... A great post here, Wil - thanks for sharing. :)
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Oct 10, 2011