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I tried to institute "Little Christmas" this year and thought that I was doing very well. And then it came time to wrap the presents and I realized that this year, when we have even less money than last year, we spent more! Not on my part, at least I don't think; but my husband decided to buy himself 10 vinyl albums at 20 bucks a pop. Which meant that he needed to go OTT to even out the amount of money per person. And so he bought me a new iPod Nano when my 3 year old one works fine. Can't even return the sucker because he got it engraved. Our family was supposed to have ONE family present (Beatles Rockband) and two presents each. Although all the presents were bought out of love (Ooh! So and so would love this movie/book/video game! It would be such an awesome surprise!) it's still very annoying that I wasn't able to enforce a "Little Christmas". Next year! Hopefully my son who'll be 10 for next Christmas won't want/need anything big. Like a new mattress (last year) or an awesome loft frame (this year). We'll put off a new computer until he asks for one, which hopefully won't be for a few years!
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Dec 23, 2009