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Cladagh Irish Pub, downtown Indy. although when I watched the US vs the Czechs at a bar in 2006....well you know how that story went. hopefully the Cladagh has better mojo than the fox-n-hound.
what happens to mls player contracts if their is a work stoppage because of the failed CBA negotiations? at what point, if any, are contracts voided and players allowed to find a new club?
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along the same lines, if someone like Klinsman or Hiddink had been or were given the reins of the USMNT, would guys like Kljestan continue to get continued looks?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2010 on It's Q&A Time (February Edition) at Soccer By Ives
sorry Isaac, Im going to have to disagree with you on this. Ive slowly but surely joined the ranks of having little faith in Bob Bradley and our chances in South Africa this summer. Kljestan typifies why I believe that. Hes the round peg that Bradley continues to try and drive into a square hole. Ill freely admit Im wrong next week if, Lord willing he and Wynne dont start, but if they do, and they continue to play like they have, i.e. simply not good enough then Bradley has wasted another opportunity to give other guys a shoot at performing.
holy toledo! are you really defending Kljestan and Wynne as worthy of the national team? clearly youve drank the same kool-aid as the other guy questioning my post. this is exactly why our national team will continue to be a stagnant operation. the continued reliance on could have, should have beens.
if you're being sarcastic to my post, I think you missed my point. I'm all for friendlies to give fringe guys a shot. I only question Bradley's wisdom in continueing to give certain players a shot, i.e. Kljestan and Wynn. if you think they're the best in MLS, you have been drinking to much of someone's kool-aide.
if Bradley starts Kljestan and Wynn, I'll join the haters calling for his head. how many times do you have to give a guy a shot (Kljestan) to realize he is not rekindling whatever magic he once had. and starting the defensively deficient Wynn is just ridiculous at this level.
right on home, taking advantage of mun2 on my at&t U-verse.
chant "Remember the Alamo" if we win? Posted by: Franky | August 07, 2009 at 03:03 PM it's what I'll be chanting if we pull the upset!
"big man from Belgium." from; Gooch is in columbus. roster to be unveiled this afternoon.
count me in the "Glad to see him gone" category. I'd been emailing mls and espn for years to drop him and rob stone. between stone's uber fan boy comments and wynalda's inane "cause I use to play the game" comments, it was really hard to listen to the broadcasts. wynalda, if you're reading, I'm glad you're gone!
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standing up in front of my tv in my living room, waiting for the US to score so me and my two year old can hoot and holler and run around yelling GOOOOOOOALLLLLLL!
I'm too sexy for an xl jersey bitches!
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Ives, scratch Pearce, yanks-abroad has posted he's out with a bad foot, espn makes it sound like demerit will get the call, try: Spector-Demerit-Conrad-Simek across the backline.