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Erika Denton
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Interest I do not agree in drugs being illegal. I disagree with not documenting every single person in this country.
Sorry forgot to clarify Erika Denton = MissPretty oh yeah and Davey you can click the name and see my pic and shut your fat mouth about me.
I do agree with much of what you have posted interested. My basic point was we need them to documented, it is hard to stop or track invisible perps which is what illegal aliens are regardless of where they came from, Mexicans just happen to be the larger population.
Because Interested we have lost most of our liberties here the US has become a police state and Canada has universal health care- MissPretty at home- my FB is auto logged in so sorry for the confusion of names
People that want certain evidence of a suspected racial profiling that was recorded to disappear ;;;;;MissPretty;;;;;
No Bush had a DUI in 2000 I looked it up and yes due to the timing it was swept under the rug as was so many other things, You kinda r proving my point Interested- -MP-
I agree golfer, I would think some how the driver of the van was either a cop or was related to one. I would be a repeat offender if this was to fly, Im not that bad just get in the heat of the moment sometimes :P -MissPretty-
NVP, where is Better Cheddar, I am a eccentric cheese fan if there is a better selection I need to know about it... MissPretty at home
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2011 on Tuesday's Open Thread at Crime Scene KC
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2011 on Tuesday's Open Thread at Crime Scene KC
Oh you poor trusting
Cops will always over-react and justify its just a fact of life in the police world we live in nowadays MissPretty-athome
I am party unbiased my only bias is that I think the government should work for the people it represents not the people serving the purpose of the elected officials lining their pockets. Normal Guy I am not a liberal lefty I just think both republicans and democrats are corrupt. yours truly MissPretty :)
RP isn't it interesting how things disappear when it is convenient for the police? MissPretty at home
I agree with KCC, but I think its is a waste make it a legal trade and the U.S. could have a new resource for revenue. -MissPretty at home
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Jun 28, 2011