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Erik Jensen
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Whoa, so hawt! And OMFG, how in the Codex-loving world do you manage to prevent Anne from getting jealous over this sort of stuff? Most mortal men would never survive. 'Nuff said.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on "as his kilt rises..." at WWdN: In Exile
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You have the coolest wife, ever! Ever.
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Hey Wil! Can I make a "Wil vs. Giant G-Damn M-Effing Bulldozer" t-shirt? It's become a personal dream of mine. I know...
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Heya Wil. GREAT episode this week! I definitely needs more delve. I always find it fascinating to hear how DMs prepare and what techniques work and don't work. Sounds like you DM a lot like I used to: furious and copious notes and details on EVERYTHING. It takes wayyy longer, but I found it more satisfying, and I think my players did too. Better DM's than I however, seemed to learn how to really wing it without so much prep, but I never felt comfortable doing that.
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Mar 17, 2010