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Excellent idea and execution, Wil! I was running a game wherein the character being run by a rules lawyer extraordinaire (we'll call him RL) was chasing after a villain through a dark room. The villain exited via a door, which was closing slowly as our hero reached it. RL wanted to simultaneously: 1) Open the door silently, B) Maintain 2/3 cover, and Furthermore) Scan for the presence of the bad guy I tried to work with him on it, listening to his explanations of a half move of this, a half move of that, and so on. Originally I was going to try to work out some actual percentages for success (the rules were Basic Roleplaying), but about half way through the page-flipping and negotiating, my patience gave out, and I determined that the villain had simply made a clean getaway. The moral of the story: The GM may not be able to change the rules, but he can still change the story.
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Jun 21, 2010